Ebooks: The Business of Selling Your Books in Electronic Format

The business of selling books in electronic format has surpassed that of physical books, the advance of this sector has been so overwhelming that already many authors only present their works in ebook version and have put aside the sale of their books on paper .

Although not all have opted for this way, there are many who have earned a lot of money by varying the way in which they publish their works, especially due to the low costs that this system represents.

The creation of an electronic book is not complicated at all but it is essential that we at least handle the subject we are going to write about backwards and forwards.

There are people who create e-books which in themselves are tutorials or manuals to learn things in particular, this is an interesting alternative that we can take into account if we know about certain things that are little spread on the Internet.

Our ebook must have a plus, something additional that differentiates it from anything we read on the Internet, now we can find all kinds of information on the Internet so our work must be different.

How to start writing an Ebook?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the main point is to be able to find the ideal title, in case you already have experience in literary production or academic production, you can choose your best works and start reviewing them to select the best and publish them.

Otherwise, if we do not have knowledge about a particular topic because we can see a topic that we run daily and of which there is not much literary production, we can, for example, write about “homemade recipes for winter”; the idea is to go looking for small themes, micro-niches with interesting themes to be able to publish them.

As we explained at the beginning of this article, there were many traditional writers who have gone from paper to ebook, well, dear reader, if you are one of them, you can consider starting to publish a new e-book or relaunch the updated version of your masterpiece in a new format.

Writing is a very important factor, if necessary, check books on how to improve your writing techniques and style and some grammar classes, although our literary product may be something simple that should not mean that good writing arts are lost, everything enters through the eyes and that reader who sees too many errors simply will not recommend our work, which will represent the end of this alternative to generate income.

In what format to publish an Ebook?

The first step is to prepare the content of our ebook, we review it and if possible we have other people review it to get their feedback. After we consider that our product is ready to go on the market, then we are going to define layout issues and publication formats.

At present the e-book formats The most widely used are .mobi, .epub, .azw and in some cases PDF. Although the PDF format is the easiest to create, it has a disadvantage, that readers (e-readers) do not adhere to it and reading becomes tedious.

We recommend opting for any of the three standard formats and leaving the PDF aside, perhaps if we share content on the web we can do it in PDF but also have the aforementioned formats as main alternatives.

Where do I promote my digital book?

exist platforms where you can sell ebooks like Amazon.com, but there are free and paid alternatives. We recommend doing a direct promotion of our productions if we are just starting, that will be much more beneficial to us, although if we are a little more risky we can choose to do it in the place that best suits us.

There are other complementary options to Amazon such as Clickbank. This is one of the most widespread when it comes to the sale of manuals on niche topics, unlike Amazon that offers the sale of all kinds of books, some more specialized than others.

Our recommendations for literary production are basic, a good text sells itself and much better if it is on a specific topic. Literary production can be an alternative to earn extra money and for professional writers it can mean a new way to attract other types of readers.

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