Eight Profitable Industries To Start A Business

1. Personal improvement

If there has ever been a time in which people have sought to be better, it could be said that it is the present decade. Believe it or not, the training industry moves hundreds of thousands of dollars a year between motivational seminars, products for personal improvement, audiovisual resources to improve your financial status and spiritual guide books. This profitable industry is also expected to grow at least 6 percent annually.

2. Repair Services

Every day companies that offer repair services have experienced a considerable increase in their income, probably because many people in the interest of saving prefer to repair their possessions instead of buying new ones. Some of the most lucrative segments tend to be those related to electronics repair, auto repair, and home repair. However, almost anything could be repaired so you will surely find some attractive option to turn it into your business.

3. Outsourcing Services or Temporary Personnel
In an age when many companies are reducing their payroll, it seems that starting a recruiting company is a excellent business. Some agencies, especially those that focus on temporary staffing, are having great success.

4. Technical Preparation Schools
With the high levels of unemployment that are experienced today, trade schools have re-emerged as a good business. The income of these schools or institutes has increased their income since many people are trying to prepare themselves in a short time to be able to exercise a new trade or career with which they can generate additional income.

5. Sweets and Candies
Even in times of greatest economic recession, sweets are a small luxury that everyone is willing to pay for. Chocolates for example never go out of style and according to experts some of the most successful companies like Snickers and Tootsie were released during the darkest days of the 1930s depression in America.

6. Applications for Iphone
We’ve mentioned it before, Apple’s app store has created a huge and lucrative industry. Application sales exceed the trillion dollars that creator Steve Jobs once dreamed of. The creation of novel applications is emerging as one of the most profitable businesses of this decade and large venture capitalists are hungry today more than ever for the most creative investment applications on the market.

7. Government Services
In recent years the demand for services to governments has been increasing and today the provision of services such as transportation, technological solutions, project management, protection of natural resources and green or ecological projects among others make this industry a very attractive business segment.

8. Power Generation
The energy industry is full of enormous opportunities especially for those entrepreneurs with scientific and technological preparation. And it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing categories in recent years. The variants range from products based on solar energy panels to the production of new, more economical fuel solutions.


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