Email Marketing, What Entrepreneurs Should Know

Email Marketing, What Entrepreneurs Should Know

I recently had the opportunity to interview José Hernandez, current Director for Latin America, Europe and Asia of the multinational company Benchmark Email in a hangout.

What I was looking for with the interview was to highlight some of the existing techniques to take advantage of the email marketing in business and know some of the most powerful platforms for this purpose.

However, as the minutes passed, we discovered extremely interesting things that can be done and that few entrepreneurs know about and often miss.

...every dollar invested in email marketing campaigns means a return of up to $ 40 dollars to your business“. – Jose Hernandez

This pleasant interview that I conducted with my friend Fernando de León allowed me to extract some very valuable secrets about the email marketing as a business strategy.

I remember that once I heard that among all the means that exist for our message to reach customers, email marketing is usually quite powerful. And it is no wonder because unlike everyone else, this one is as if you could be alone with your client face to face to talk about all the benefits of your product.

And this analogy is not far from being a reality, because when a client decides to open an email that caught their attention, surely you will have the opportunity to capture their interest and get them to know more about your products or services, right there in that moment spent reading your mail.

Email marketing It is not just mass mail as we often conceptualize it. In fact, mass mailing is usually one of the least effective in the process. However, learning about list building, form handling, and setting up autoresponders for funnel marketing, can make a big difference in sales.

So I invite you to watch the video of this interview where José shares with us many of those valuable and practical tips from his email marketing platform and everything that entrepreneurs should know about it.

If you can’t see the video, down here, watch it at this link on Youtube.

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