Excellent Franchises to Invest According to CNN Expansión

Starting a business by investing in a franchise is as simple as getting yourself a copy of the original business with proven success.

A franchise is a more than interesting business option every day for many reasons; Mainly, because you can choose the line of business that interests you the most and make sure that the franchise you will buy has solidity and guaranteed success.

In addition, there is a huge list of options in terms of initial investment, expansion and profitability. Today I share with you the summary of the cheapest franchises published by CNN Expansión.

The list includes the name of the franchise, investment (in US $) and line of business.

  • Similar Fragrances, $ 3500, PerfumeryHigh Touch High Tech, $ 3500, Technical Support
  • Kumon Institute of Education, $ 5,000, Education
  • Lighthouse of Water, $ 8500, Purified Water
  • Marketing and Advertising, $ 10,000, Marketing
  • Bella Kara, $ 10,600, Personal Care
  • Press a Print, $ 11200, Promotional Items
  • Beleki, $ 13000, Coffee and Snacks
  • European Scents and Perfumes, $ 15000, Perfumery
  • The Asterisk Diet, $ 15,000, Diets: Personal Care

In general terms, the franchise business continues to represent a sector with high growth and very healthy in terms of existing options.

Names like McDonalds, Similar Pharmacies and Holland Ice Cream are just some of the best examples of how franchises represent a significant and safe market.

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    How Starbucks Became An $80B Business

Here is the original CNN Expansión report on franchises.