Formula to make Coca-cola

Formula to make Coca-cola

Some think that formula to make Coca-cola it is hermetically secret. But did you know that this is not the case?

Would you like to discover the famous and coveted formula to make the drink and become the next billionaire businessman?

Today an interesting reflection that will help us understand the importance of creating business systems and not just products.

At the end of this post you will find a link to see the formula to make coca-cola that wikipedia offers and that in fact corresponds to versions extracted from the notes of its inventor John S. Pemberton.

However, before you go running to look for it, allow me to invite you to make the following reasoning:

  1. Imagine that you really managed to follow the recipe and make a drink identical to the original
  2. What would you do with it? How would you expect to compete with Coca-cola?
  3. And if so, what name would you use to compete. Something like Chispa-coca or similar?
  4. And how would you make your potential customers know that they are identical products and just as delicious?
  5. And if you still manage to convince them …
  6. How many customers would you expect to sell the product to? (Did you know that about 45,000 bottles of Coke are sold per second …?)
  7. How would you go about distributing it around the world?
  8. How would you promote your Chispa-coca drink?
  9. What price would you put on it or rather, how could you improve the price?
  10. And finally, why should people consume Chispa-coca if they can find Coca-Cola anywhere in the world?

If you can see beyond the crazy answers to these questions, you can understand that companies like Coca-Cola have something much bigger and more powerful than just a product or in this case a “simple” drink.

The success of these corporations consists of building systems that revolve around a product. A system of commercialization, marketing, distribution, more than 100 years of work and millions of dollars in the building a brand of prestige recognized throughout the world.

So, pretending to compete with the most refreshing drink in the world could only really be done with a system and a marketing strategy of similar scale and even more.

Can you see her formula to produce Coca-Cola in this link. Ah, but I forgot one detail, you can see the complete recipe but it includes a secret ingredient coded as 7x that is known only to a few engineers of the company who reserve the exact portions of the mixture. And in fact, even this mystical 7x element is one of your most powerful marketing strategies.

So now you know, more than a good product you must work in a amazing business system.

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