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A franchise consulting agency

FranFrog was founded to help individuals find stable income through business ownership. The job market has changed and the only sure thing is YOU. People are disappointed with corporate jobs or too young to retire. Franchising is a recipe for success.

FranFrog offers one FREE SERVICE With OBLIGATIONS WITHOUT OBLIGATION! We have 350 concepts and we will create a business plan based on your criteria for the best FRANCHISE that suits your interest. Submit the request link below TODAY FOR A FREE 5 MINUTE INTRODUCTION CALL.


When you are ready to take control of your destiny, experience tax savings, an increase, and a full sense of worth and appreciation, then franchising should be your concern.

Franchise ownership is a stable career path and has a success rate of over 90%. Most people can’t even predict that they can keep their job with 90% confidence!


The network we are connected to provides access to a portfolio of pre-screened franchises with annual sales exceeding $ 3 billion. These franchises include in-house services as well as brick-and-mortar retail stores.

What FranFrog does for you

As a franchise consulting agency, FranFrog reviews your skills and compares you to companies that give you the opportunity to make money and enjoy your success.

We work across the United States helping ambitious, entrepreneurial people achieve their goals by giving them access to great, profitable companies.


As your coach, we will advise you competently and help you find viable business opportunities in the franchise sector. FranFrog can explain and measure risk factors related to the purchase of a new or existing franchise business.

Focused on finding the right match between franchisees and individuals considering business ownership as a career alternative, FranFrog uniquely bridges the gap between the franchisor and the franchisee candidate.

  • Guide you through the franchise selection process
  • Serve as your trusted advisor and personal franchise advisor
  • Assistance in determining whether franchise ownership is a viable career alternative.


Franchise procurement services

The franchise market can be quite confusing for first-time entrepreneurs. Even for seasoned business owners, there are parts of the franchise concept that may be unknown.

Although the availability of the Internet has given way to free access to franchise information, the franchise selection process is more than just a simple query on a search engine. When you look for “franchise opportunities,” the search engine returns millions and millions of results.

Do you have time to sift through each one?

As a franchise consulting agency, FranFrog, we offer you pre-examined franchise opportunities – those with the most promising potential for success – from which you can choose.

We condense the lengthy process into a straightforward franchise sales process that includes:

  • Franchise selection
  • Franchise Compliance
  • Franchise operation

Our franchise consulting agency is the place to start with this training to broaden your business and professional horizons.

Find Out If Franchising Is Right For You! Use our FREE 5 MINUTE INTRODUCTION.

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