Future Businesses That Are Changing The World

Future Businesses That Are Changing The World

The Internet is full of ideas.

Many of them are magnificent flashes of creativity and innovation that will bring life to business of the future that will change the course of the world.

We have all experienced it, technology has radically changed our way of life and at a speed we did not imagine. It is even predicted that for the next 10 years the changes will occur 3 times faster than they have occurred in the last 10. Surprising no!

Let’s remember what happened …

  • In the last 10 years, the largest Internet-based companies have been born and grown and many of their creators do not even reach the age of 25. Companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube or WhatsApp have only a few years of existence.
  • 10 years ago we did not have digital television, nor Netflix, nor social networks, much less cell phones with powerful processors similar to high-performance computers. Someone had to invent them and turn them into business.
  • Only a little time ago you depended on a long list of procedures to import a vehicle, today you can choose the brand, style and color from your phone screen, pay for it online and have it in front of your door in a matter of days.
  • Social networks have become the new means of communication and people are the generators of news and content.

So if you are one of those entrepreneurs restless who understand the importance of digital transformation and dream of being part of this wave of new business that will change the world, here I share some trends:

Future Business

  • Online payment methods. The use of credit and debit cards as means of payment increases every day and the use of cash will be less and less. E-commerce is gaining ground and more and more people are buying online.

    However, even today there are very few secure options for paying and receiving money online. Locally, each country is looking to implement solutions for online portals, but the developments are complex due to the multiple security measures that are required. Paypal for example has demonstrated its leadership and business potential in this line. Therefore, it represents a profitable business of the future that someone will have to develop.

  • Cryptocurrencies. Electronic currencies like Bitcoins are revolutionizing the world and opening the door to forms of investment never before imagined.
  • Shipping and delivery systems. People are buying more online and looking to leave their homes less every day. Very soon we will make the supermarket online, we will buy digital devices, appliances, cakes and even rental cars.

    Someone has to develop the systems for shipping and delivery of all these items quickly and safely for all kinds of markets and sectors and above all with inexpensive payment options appropriate to your location. Market that gigantic companies like FEDEX or UPS will not be enough to supply locally. The demand for these services is a good business niche in this segment.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies. Although there are currently thousands of Internet service providers such as hosting, email, system development, page design, etc. The demand will be increasing in terms of content services and online advertising management.

    Every company wants to have a presence on the Internet to survive, so it will be necessary to develop thousands of digital strategies for companies, organizations and people. Professional consultants, community managers, graphic designers and an arsenal of tools will be needed for this type of work. The Internet continues to be a business niche with enormous opportunities.

  • Automated diagnostic systems. In the near future we will not need to go to the doctor to get a medical diagnosis. Nor go to the mechanic and maybe not even the psychologist.

    There will be many automated digital systems through which you can obtain basic diagnoses and solutions by simply entering your symptoms or elementary data. This will be possible thanks to huge databases with information regarding endless possibilities. This class of systems will allow professionals to transmit their knowledge and turn it into online services.

  • New sources of energy. Gasoline as a fuel is known to have its days numbered and it will not be the solution of the future. Solar, wind, green fuel or any other energy solution represents opportunities big business of the future. Electrical systems as a replacement for fuels is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.
  • Global warming. One of the most drastic effects of this problem will surely be the scarcity of water. Some suggest that the next world war will not be over oil but over water, and we are not really far from it.

    Meanwhile creative and resourceful minds are needed to help conserve, distribute and purify water in such a way that the whole society benefits. Hopefully there are enough creative entrepreneurs offering equally creative solutions to this problem.

Well, now you know what the big venture capitalists are investing in …

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