Graphic Design Business Plan

Graphic Design Business Plan

Companies always need a good image that stands out from their competitors or that allows them simply to form and enhance their brand in the market, for this it is necessary to have a graphic design team that is in charge of giving life, polishing, creating and develop all the design aspects that a company needs.

The business of graphic design It is one of the most important when it comes to contributing to the development of a brand and, needless to say, starting a company as it will give it a very important characteristic touch.

What is necessary to establish a graphic design company?

There are various companies in the market that offer graphic design services, generally the Marketing companies that are responsible for the positioning of Brands and campaigns offer it within their sales packages.

On the other hand independent companies Focused only on graphic design, they have emerged promoted by designers themselves, most of whom offer their services as Freelancer, in addition to other web services.

As we can deduce from the above, it is not necessary to be a graphic designer to start our graphic design company, The main thing is to have workers who have the talent and passion for design who can capture and devise the best options for our clients, this will gradually open our way in the market.

In legal matters what is necessary to establish a company Graphic design is not very complicated, if we do it privately as Freelancers or Independent Workers it will be enough to register with the corresponding tax entity to issue receipts for fees (or its equivalent depending on the country) but if we want to formalize in a much more serious way, we must to take into account other requirements such as business premises, share capital, company name, etc. In addition to other requirements that are required of us.

Setting up our Graphic Design company from Home

The facilities offered by the Internet allow anyone to start a business from the comfort of your homeI think this is the most recommended if we do not have a lot of capital and it is also the option that freelancers choose.

Setting up our company at home allows us to save certain logistical costs, but this does not mean that our service should be less serious, here are some recommendations:

  • If we carry out the service from our home it is necessary to always put a telephone contact number and if possible physical to give security to our clients
  • Being a freelancer worker should mean that you meet the agreed deadlines and that you achieve the satisfaction of your client always with responsibility and respect
  • The best way to advertise is through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads so that you reach the audience you want and at the same time it means few costs
  • Your best presentation is your website and your portfolio of previously done work, it all depends on it, that’s your cover letter.

As our business grows, we must opt ​​for more complex ways of formalization for our benefit and that of our company. Growth and formalization always go hand in hand.

Positioning our Graphic Design company

As we have mentioned previously, the main letter of presentation of your Graphic Design company is your work portfolio, in addition to the satisfaction and recommendation of your clients.

Let us bear in mind that if we loyalty to a client we will have a constant and permanent job since we can take care of their entire Brand line, any necessary design will be our work and therefore many more income for us.

A satisfied customer recommends you to one or two people, a dissatisfied customer overwhelms you and speaks ill of you to a thousand people.

The search for clients can be limited to our network of contacts but we can also opt for traditional advertising channels on the Internet, our personal promotion in various communities is another alternative that we can take into account.

Here it is necessary to specify some things, I think that if we want our company to position itself well locally, we must choose to expand our network of contacts and participate in the largest number of events in which they can see our work or we can get new clients, events such as they are Entrepreneurship Conferences, MeetUps, Networking Events, etc.

Another point in our favor is the growth of Startups, and that makes the services of a Graphic Design company more and more necessary.

Main Product: Corporate Identity

Finally, we finish by specifying the main product that a graphic design company must offer: The development of the Corporate Identity, which includes:

  • Creation and design of a striking Logo.
  • Company slogan.
  • Business cards.
  • Letterhead.
  • Accounting Stationery.

The development of the corporate identity of a company It represents a much more serious and professional job but at the same time it will serve as a basis to expand our network of clients and better yet generate more income.

Other good business ideas:

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