Guide for setting up a Call Center

Guide for setting up a Call Center

A recent and interesting phenomenon that we cannot fail to consider is the accelerated growth of the Call Center industry in Latin America, also called Contact Center.

And it is not for less because the fact that large international companies are interested in subcontracting in Latin America the services of attention to their clients makes this a highly attractive business. Today we will talk about how and why set up a Call Center.

The main reason why this business is attractive to both entrepreneurs as for contractors it is because of the low costs of labor and infrastructure.

  • Main MO costs of a Call Center. If we compare labor costs, in the United States an average of $ 8 to $ 10 dollars per man hour is paid, while in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador or Colombia we are talking about $ 2 to $ 3 dollars per hour and up to $ 5 if the executive is bilingual. Very important costs to consider because it must be taken into account that the personnel payroll is one of the main items of this business.
  • Investment in technological infrastructure. Another of the enormous advantages of Latin American countries is their advanced development in network and Internet technologies that make it possible to have data centers fully online and up-to-date. Although it is not possible to speak of a specific figure, the computer network, Internet, CRM Software and telephone infrastructure.

In general, it should be considered that 75% investment corresponds to human resources and 25% to infrastructure depending on how many executive positions you want to manage. On the other hand, monthly fixed expenses are around 60% HR, 30% telephony and 10% administrative expenses.

Business Formation
For structure this business First of all, it is necessary to have the personnel and the technical infrastructure mentioned above, and then to begin with the negotiation of services both locally and internationally.

Basic services that a Call Center must offer:

  • Market studies
  • Telephone surveys
  • Collection management services
  • Data updates
  • Claims support
  • Sale of products and / or services
  • Attention of orders
  • Customer management (CRM)
  • Telemarketing
  • Others

Service challenges that a Call Center must face:

  • Be a true service center
  • Maintain high standards of customer service
  • That the staff know perfectly the products and services of the company they represent
  • Change the paradigm of “call” into a paradigm of “contact”
  • Establish structured manuals and processes
  • Know the client and their needs
  • Maintain a culture of constant feedback
  • Have a culture of constant training and education
  • Recruit bilingual staff
  • Job stability and reduction in staff turnover
  • Fair economic compensation for staff without exceeding competitive costs

Marketing and sales strategy:
Of course, as we have mentioned, the main attraction of a Call Center is its costs and in that sense, the sales strategy has to be very attached to this objective to be a winning formula. In this line of ideas, the following elements should be considered:

  • Sale of local or international services
  • Availability of Hispanic or bilingual telemarketers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Detailed regular reporting commitment
  • Guarantee of results for all service cases
  • Speed ​​and reliability

Finally, one of the great problems that must be anticipated when planning the setting up a Call Center it is an adequate work culture that dignifies the person and rewards their results. This will enhance teamwork and help ensure adequate customer service.

Of course, there are also important technical details in the assembly related to the management software and telephone infrastructure that you can consult at any technical site or with an installation company that will advise you specifically in detail.

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