Hi, I'm Germán, A Video Business of $ 40 Thousand Dollars a Month

Hi, I’m Germán, A Video Business of $ 40 Thousand Dollars a Month

A couple of months ago, on any given night, my children organized a kind of “family reunion” in which my wife and I were invited to watch a very special and funny video on YouTube together.

It was a kind of monologue about “the brothers” staged by a boy who begins his videos with “Hi there! I am german“.

Minutes later we were, as they say in my country, literally “doubled over with laughter” from the occurrences and a singular way of jokingly exposing the experiences of the brothers in the family.

That was my first contact with Germán Garmendia, a 23-year-old Chilean who has become a true phenomenon on the Web and who, although unknown to many, is another of those success stories that only the Internet allows us to enjoy and that today I share you.

Hi, I’m Germán, A Video Business of $ 40 Thousand Dollars a Month

The most surprising thing about “Hola Soy Germán” is that it is a concept of those many that are born on the Internet a bit as a test and a bit wanting to find a possibility to earn money online. Very similar to my experience with 1000 Business Ideas.

The fact is that Germán’s YouTube channel today has a huge number of followers and already exceeds 15 million subscribers with only a hundred videos published. It is said that it is the channel with the highest number of subscribers in Latin America and its popularity is such that each of its videos goes viral immediately and easily surpasses one million visits.

For those of us who know how the Internet works, this is a very valuable asset that translates into money, a lot!

Hi I am German“It is seen worldwide but especially in Spanish-speaking countries and it is probably the character today that leads this new trend called”youtubers“and that they are young people who are betting everything on this social network creating very creative content.

The work of a youtuber can be divided into 2 parts. The first has to do with everything related to video production, from its conceptualization, recording and editing. And the second is to upload it to the web and spread it through social networks.

Of course, once you have a consistent and well-positioned personal brand on the web, the rest is to sit back and wait for visits to start to rise by the thousands.

But how does German make $ 40,000 a month from his videos?

Well, the business works more or less like this:
For those who produce videos on the web, the content comes first. Once you have the content and you have the traffic of visits (which sounds very easy but it is not), then the first option is Google Adsense. Google’s system that allows you to put advertising boxes based on your keywords on your videos.

Then you have the advertising networks like Machinima that are in charge of managing the ads. You regularly subscribe to one of them and if you have good visitor traffic then you will have a good check at the end of the month.

According to estimates, these networks pay you approximately one dollar for every thousand visits to your videos. If you do the math, Germán publishes a video every week (every Friday) that reaches more than 10 million visits each. If in addition to this, we consider that Germán has a second channel with similar success then you will understand that this is a round business and these numbers may even fall short.

So, leaving aside the skeptics about how to make money online and on social networks, if you are really willing to try it, it is time to get yourself a video camera and start planning your next business. Which by the way, you can develop it from the comfort of your home.

I leave you the video of “Brothers“that my children made me see Yo Soy Germán, a Chilean pride that by the way has been seen +26 million times (until today).

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