How to Avoid Losing Customers and Save Your Business

Losing customers is a much more common phenomenon than you might think.

Many entrepreneurs do not realize the seriousness of the situation until the moment when their business goes bankrupt.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur and your dream is to build a company, you should be very clear that your customers are the foundation of your business.

If there are no customers, there are no sales and if there are no sales, there is no business.

In ancient times business was product-centric, today in the modern marketing age, the center of everything is the customer.

However, many entrepreneurs downplay this fact and have the luxury of neglecting their clients, thus allowing their business to slowly die. They don’t mind losing customers every day and then when their business goes into crisis they wonder what did we do wrong?

For this reason and as a “shock therapy”, I ask you the question: how many clients are you willing to lose today?

Here I share how the presumption and the deficiencies in the service will make you lose many customers.

Actions That Make You Lose Customers

  • Treat each customer like one of the other. Surely after this one another will come, so do not worry about serving him with excellence.
  • Do not train your staff to serve with taste and warmth, after all, who wants to buy will surely do so even if they are served in the worst way.
  • Forget about customer service and focus only on having low prices.
  • Don’t waste energy calling him to know how satisfied he is with the service, if he likes me, he will surely come back.
  • Let your employees be rude and indifferent to customers “Less important“Well, in the end, their purchasing power is limited. (?)
  • Take all the time in the world to respond to orders and deliver it when you are ready. Don’t let any customer pretend to tell you what to do.
  • Forget about gifts and thanking the use of your services, finally he was the one who needed them.
  • Never ever ask him to refer you to another client, he will hardly meet someone else who needs your products or services.
  • Allow your dependents to dress sloppily and express themselves inappropriately to ensure that your customers leave your company sooner.

Finally, erase from your mind the idea that a satisfied customer attracts 5 others and that a dissatisfied customer will drive you away 10 more customers … they are pure myths of successful entrepreneurs …

Well, a little more seriously, this blog is really for successful people. So if you are really willing to build a great company just do the opposite to what I have written here today.

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