How to Create a Slogan that Sells!

Underestimated by many, the slogan It is a marketing tool that used intelligently can be the differentiating factor for the success of your product or business.

Used strategically by politicians, religious people, athletes and by big businessmen a good slogan has proven to be like a customer magnet. Today we will talk about how to create a slogan that sells.

To define it in some simple way, a slogan is basically a short phrase that conveys the main idea that differentiates your product or company in a very impressive way.

A good slogan transmits the spirit of your business and the personality of your brand, and allows the consumer to associate it in a few seconds with a concept that represents a unique benefit for him.

However, the real success of a good slogan it resides in its effectiveness to position itself in the minds of consumers and that they adopt it “unconsciously”.

Making a good slogan is not easy and in fact there are advertising companies that are dedicated to providing these types of services that, together with a marketing strategy, offer you that element that can significantly increase your sales.

For create a slogan that really sells, you should follow these tips:

  1. It must be a short phrase (5 to 8 words when maximum)
  2. It should be very easy to remember
  3. It must be addictive
  4. If it motivates a smile in the client, its effectiveness is multiplied
  5. Preferably use simple, common words or idioms (slangs)
  6. It must clearly identify your product or service
  7. It should highlight the qualities of what you offer
  8. Use resources such as rhyme, repetition and double meaning
  9. Creating surprise or pity are also techniques that work
  10. You must appeal to a Unique Competitive Advantage (VCU)

A shocking slogan should cleverly merge all these ideas, and for example, some famous slogans that speak for themselves:

  • “If it’s Bayer, it’s good” (Bayer)
  • “Breakfast of Champions” (Corn Flakes de Kellog’s)
  • “We love to see you smile” (McDonalds)
  • “Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité” was the slogan of the French Revolution more than 200 years ago. And even today it stirs the hearts of those who love freedom around the world.
  • “You can’t eat just one” (Sabritas)
  • “Priceless” (Master Card)
  • “The Spark of Life” (Coca Cola)
  • “Just do it” (Nike)
  • “The place where your ideas become $$” (1000 Business Ideas blog: D)

A final advice is that you never imply in your slogan something that you cannot fulfill to your clients. This would be a perfect formula to achieve the opposite effect.

In the comments of this post you will find hundreds of slogan ideas among which there is surely an ideal one for your business.


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