How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset [Podcast]

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset [Podcast]

As the idea of ​​starting a business is born in us, the need to develop an entrepreneurial mentality that keeps us strong in the process also arises.

And it is not easy to transform an idea into a real company. To achieve this, several skills are needed, but the most important of them has to do with our thoughts, with our vision, with the way we appreciate the environment and how we adapt with our internal paradigms to a new way of thinking. The way of thinking of the entrepreneur.

What is having an entrepreneurial mindset?

Undertaking is an adventure. It requires us to be very creative, to take risks, to work very hard for some time, and even to develop leadership.

Qualities that do not always accompany us from our childhood and youth and that we must decide to develop at some point since to a greater or lesser extent that we apply these capacities then we will have better results in our project.

Hence, to be able to travel that almost always “winding” path of undertaking, much more is required than just will.

It requires feeding our minds with a new gift of paradigms focused on perseverance, failure management, persistence and the conviction that abandoning is the last thing an entrepreneur would do.

As I have always said, if entrepreneurship were so easy, anyone would do it, but the reason that a few succeed is because they were willing to work and invest in the most important asset they have: themselves.

In that line of thought, I have allowed myself to prepare this #podcast type audio so that you can find in it some good advice to start working today on building a business-oriented mindset. In this audio you will discover some valuable principles that will help you face with greater clarity and strength the challenges of starting, sustaining and building a company.

The great advantage of having this information in a podcast like this is that you can download and listen to it in various places. For example, you can record it in a memory and listen to it on your car stereo while driving to work. Instead of just listening to music, now you can spend about 15 minutes nurturing your mind with principles that will translate into your personal development.

You can also listen for a moment before bed, just like I do while listening to my favorite authors to rest with positive, motivating information and occupy your mind instead of giving way to all the thoughts that only cause you concern.

You could also listen to it while cooking, while exercising, or while you’re in the dentist’s waiting room. Podcasts have this great advantage. So I encourage you to download it right now at this link as it is totally free. And if you can leave me a comment about it, I will greatly appreciate it.

Note: to download the audio to your computer or any other device, you must start playing it and then the option “+ download” will appear below the player (see figure).

From now on, my best wishes for success and remember that you can also follow 1000 Business Ideas on Google+.

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