How to earn money reviewing thesis

How to earn money reviewing thesis

You need earn extra money and do you have good spelling?

Do you have good writing and style?

Well then, you can take advantage of these skills to turn them into a form of part time income doing thesis reviews.

The demand

For many university students the process of preparing a thesis is usually a tedious, long and sometimes very stressful. The requirements they are usually very demanding and further To this, if your spelling and writing are not exactly “exemplary” then more than a research proposal you have a huge problem to solve: submit your well reviewed thesis work, corrected and written with elegance and good style.

The opportunity

Since most students prefer to focus their efforts on completing their research and developing the topics, then you can become a perfect ally by offering them the thesis revision and correction service that includes: spell checking, writing improvements and improvements in the style. And incidentally, you use your knowledge to earn money.

To do this, of course you need to have your own skills in order to guarantee a professional and complete job with the following specific services:

  • Spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Format and writing review

Keys to the Success of this Service

Professionalism: Fundamentally, for your services to be well appreciated and valued, you must commit to perform very professional work so that those who hire your services can have the full security of dealing with a serious and responsible person. Remember that students usually have very strict deadlines that must be strictly adhered to.

Quality: You must ensure that your reviews are of good quality and that they provide an improvement significant to the initial product in such a way that the university student can appreciate above all the time saved by hiring your services.

Punctuality in delivery: Very important. That your works are prepared quickly and be fulfilled and punctual with your delivery dates. To this you must add a lot of honesty and honesty in the preparation of the works.

Affordable prices: Another key element is that your prices are accessible. They should not be very high since remember that they are students and usually do not have too many funds to invest in something that in itself is already quite expensive. However you should not underestimate your work with prices too low, remember that the goal is earn money. The recommended are accessible rates and of great value for those who hire you. Another tip is that at the beginning, while you make yourself known, you can start with somewhat lower rates while your own clients begin to recommend you.

Recommended rates: Of course, the rates must be set according to your own parameters of quality, professionalism and speed of delivery. However, the price of this service is usually charged by the number of pages reviewed and depending on the services required (spelling, writing, style, others). For example, by spelling check we would be talking about some us$ 1.00 for every 10 sheets.

Other parallel services:

There is also another line of services complementary what can you add to your thesis review business as they are:

  • Development of indices
  • Elaboration of covers
  • Page numbering
  • Language translations
  • Elaboration of statistical graphs
  • Digitization of documents
  • Scanning of pictures
  • Plastered

Promotion and marketing: To promote your services, I recommend:

  • Make announcements or posters that you can place in hallways of universities or in the classrooms
  • Prepare flyers that you can deliver to students in the final year of their career or master’s degrees with the information of your contact and your main services
  • Build a page web Simple where you fully describe the services you offer, it should be simple and concise
  • Make some business cards and offer them to professors
  • Offer some kind of commission to professors who recommend you or to students sent by other clients
  • You can also check out other low-cost tactics to promote your business here.

So as you can see, in a simple and practical way you can turn those spelling skills into a good business for earn extra money from today!

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