How to Force Yourself to Succeed

How to Force Yourself to Succeed

Many people look at the big names in the industry as if they have something invincible, a kind of mysterious focus, and key success habits that the rest of us just don’t seem to understand.

I’ve worked with some of the biggest and best, and I can tell you this is generally not the case.

What they have learned is how to go about modifying their own system to force themselves to succeed. And the good news is that you can easily learn it too.

Let me explain a simple concept that you should put into practice immediately if you want to start getting all the things you want for 2014 and much more.

How to Force Yourself to Succeed

First, let’s consider the problem that we all face. Most of us know exactly what we should be doing. But it is in the part of the execution where we usually fail. We all know what we have to do, the problem is really getting it done! Gurus, those people who earn a lot of money also face the same challenge. And here it is, how they manage to overcome it.

They allow themselves outside pressure to ensure that they will do what they know to do. However, most people who fail try to exert only internal pressure on themselves, which rarely works. So how do they do it, and how can you do the exact same thing too?

Well, the main idea here is that you have to have real external pressure to get done what you need to do. For example :

A few weeks ago, I agreed to host a Webinar with LeadPages CEO Clay Collins. This was a live webinar with a scheduled date and time. That is the external pressure. I forced a deadline for myself. I had to make sure everything was ready for the webinar or else the 600 registered people would have found a blank screen, I would have looked like an idiot, and Clay would probably never speak to me again.

Most of the time, I put up the registration page for a seminar, even when I have nothing prepared. The point is, placing the page advertising it forces me to make things happen. Otherwise, he would never manage to do it. I am like most people. I’m not usually a very disciplined person. Without external pressure, I would hardly achieve my goals!

I know of some who organize live events. Similarly. People start buying tickets, they even buy plane tickets, and then they have to get their reputation done or they would completely ruin their reputation.

I know of great product creators (you’ve probably heard of some of them) who make important business alliances long before the product is even created. They then go and notify their entire roster about the release for a certain date.


Because your affiliate partners and your list know they are going to have the product. They begin to organize their agenda to promote it. Their lists grow to see if it works. This puts them under tremendous pressure to get it done. If they didn’t create this external pressure, that product would probably never see the light of day.

So you’re probably saying ‘aha!’

And the next time you think that someone is better than you, or that they are some kind of machine, you should know that they are surely people similar to you to do things. The only difference is that they put themselves under external pressure to force things to be done.

So whatever you are working on right now, start setting deadlines for yourself, and find a way like the one described so that you can externally get the pressure on you to get it done. Implementing this habit can mean the difference between doing nothing this year or making some really good money.

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