How to Go From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary - The Starbucks Affair

How to Go From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary – The Starbucks Affair

How was Starbucks able to take an ordinary, everyday product like coffee and turn it into extraordinary business success?

Guest Author: Luis Kenobi

The Starbucks Success Formula

For Howard Schultz, there is no secret formula for the success of the company. Its success is simply alive in its customer-centered mission and principles, which are faithfully transmitted to its leaders and all its partners as they call their workers.

Schultz himself says that what is important for the future of Starbucks is paramount business profitability, but this is not the most important thing to remain in force. The most valuable long-term asset to the survival of the company are its employees and customers.

Howard knew that it was not possible to ask an employee to wear the shirt correctly and to give all his effort for the company, if the employee did not own the company or enjoy its profits. Schultz decided to offer a minority share of the company’s shares to its employees to make them all partners.

Howard Shultz knows that if the employee becomes a partner in the company, Starbucks leaders could empower them to live the principles by applying the company’s mission every day in their stores around the world.

For Starbucks the reason for the business is to serve your customers even in their smallest need, creating a tangible experience surrounded by a unique atmosphere and selling them a cup of high quality coffee. His vision is to make the Starbucks experience the 3rd. Your clients’ preferred place to be, that is, after home and workplace.

Starbucks mission is to turn the experience of serving coffee to its customers from an ordinary moment into something extraordinary by applying the principles that Joseph A. Michelli mentions in his book “The Starbucks Experience 5 Principles for Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary“:

Principle 1: Own the Business
Principle 2: Everything matters
Principle 3: Surprise and delight
Principle 4: Accept Resistance
Principle 5: Leave a mark

These 5 principles are summarized in the “The GREEN Apron Book” manual provided by Starbucks to each member, which they carry on their apron at all times. These principles are reflected in the attitude of the staff who apply them with a spirit of service every day in their cafeterias.

Large companies such as Starbucks, generate new styles of leadership where every detail of the business matters. As well as dedicating large budgets to training your workers and improving your income.

They are companies that are committed to society and the environment, take their customers into account, listen to them and create a great family that transcends beyond the business.

The great reason for this success is in his ability to create personalized experiences for his customers in each visit to the stores within a unique atmosphere with attention to small details, music, lighting everything matters.

Its principle is to stimulate the business growth of its leaders and all staff, generate profits and ensure the loyalty of its customers.

Starbucks is a challenging company and a business phenomenon worth copying and studying to understand how an ordinary company becomes a millionaire business and does not stop growing because its leaders continue to find a way to stimulate and train their partners to the end customer receives the “Starbucks Experience”.

Guest Author: Luis Kenobi
Luis is Mexican, Computer and Control Engineer and is a freelance writer for his blog Bloggtelia

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