How to Increase Sales in Your Store

How to Increase Sales in Your Store

Increase sales in a store or local it’s a big challenge. Every entrepreneur wants to sell more and thus improve his income, however the sales process requires strategy and this can be summarized in two great moments:

1. The moment when your client enters your premises

This has to do with your marketing and advertising strategy. They are all those actions that you carry out in order to attract the customer’s attention to your business. It can be through billboard advertising, fliers, ads in a local newspaper, outdoor signs, or the way you order your display so that your prospects are interested in entering. Some offer can help in this process.

This is the first great moment of the sale: when your client crosses the threshold of your door and enters.

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2. The moment when your customer makes a purchase

The second great and decisive moment is when the customer has already entered your store. There are many factors that may have motivated you to enter. They may have been interested in an offer, perhaps a product caught their attention, perhaps they just want to know your store or simply ask about something they are looking for.

The important thing here is that once I enter, which requires a lot of work and investment, we cannot afford to lose it just like that. In fact, this is one of the great mistakes of many shop assistants, considering that this customer is simply “one more” and therefore they do not put all their effort and energy into getting that customer to leave the store having made at least one purchase.

Which of course, many will tell me that it is not easy. And in fact it is not. Nobody said it was easy. The easy thing in any case is to let the client go with the utmost indifference or to answer their questions with a simple “there is no” or “we don’t have it.

You will not deny me that sometimes you walk into a place and they treat you with a sense of urgency as if you were taking their time with your question. Which personally makes me uncomfortable to the point that I tend to rush out wishing I had never entered.

So in this video I share at least 5 practical tips to increase your sales if you have a business premises.

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