How to Make Money in Times of Crisis

How to Make Money in Times of Crisis

I was recently talking with a friend about current events and how the economic crisis is deepening not only in our Latin American countries but also worldwide.

Hearing news about the changes in financial policies in the USA, the growth of the aggressive Asian markets, the efforts to curb climate change and the wars for oil among other things leads me to think:

What to do in crisis times?
¿How to make money in difficult seasons?
What will everyone do if there are fewer and fewer sources of employment?
What attitude will we take in the face of the next changes that come to us?

It is a proven and even historical fact that some of the greatest millionaires have made their fortunes in times of crisis.

Without a doubt, the ability to produce a good or service in a timely manner and market it despite the circumstances is your key to success.

What for ordinary people is a time of fear and concern, for entrepreneurs full of energy, creativity and ideas, it becomes a moment of opportunity!

First of all remember that one of the main wealth generators is to offer solutions. This is a historic moment in which society in all parts of the world demands and cries out for solutions to its problems.

So our ability to create and deliver those solutions will transform into incredible very profitable business ideas.

These are some proposals for ideas to undertake based on solutions to current problems:

  • Create more economical means of transport or group transport systems
  • Low-priced horizontal housing construction (apartment buildings) are an attractive option especially in large cities
  • Remodeling homes is also it because people will think more about improving their homes before mortgaging and buying new properties
  • Create disaster prevention, monitoring and response systems
  • Consider low-cost, nutritious food production
  • Focus on maintenance and repair business. In times like these, people prefer to repair their belongings to acquire new ones. Examples: shoe repair, appliance, car, plumbing, etc.
  • Create businesses that are automatable or require very few employees. For example, vending systems are an excellent alternative
  • Become part of a network or MLM system, they are businesses that can generate residual income
  • Create an Internet sales business, it will represent a significant extra income


Remember that the first step to starting any business and making money in a crisis season has to do with observing the environment.

You must analyze the potential market. Explore the possibilities and carefully discover if there are customers to consume the product or service you have in mind. This is certainly not easy, it requires a lot of vision and the risk may be high but it will be worth it.

After that you continue with the planning of your business model.

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