How to make money on Valentine’s Day

Every year in February, Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great emotion and with an increasing display of Marketing.

And for the proactive entrepreneurs this is a great opportunity, a unique occasion to make money on valentine which seems to meet all the ideal conditions:
Emotions + Desire to please = Consumption.

And it is that love and friendship are words with a deep meaning that human beings need to express and these are some common ways that you can take advantage of to do good business:

  • Flower sale. Flowers are hands down at the top of the list of favorite gifts to give on Valentine’s Day. Options for exploiting this product range from beautifully adorned individual roses to elegant flower arrangements of various sizes to please even the most discerning customer. Of course, flowers, due to the same demand that exists for the occasion, tend to rise in price, but they are still a product that can be marketed very well. You would be amazed to know that millions of dollars are sold in flowers this season.
  • Elaboration of chocolate figures. If baking is one of your skills, you can prepare figures allusive to the occasion such as hearts, bears, etc., and sell them as small gifts. A nice packaging and a bow are perfect complements. You can find information on techniques for preparing chocolate figures at this link.
  • Crafts. If crafts are your strong suit, then you can make the most of this occasion to make different gifts to market either directly or through distributors such as stores, bookstores, markets, etc. Foamy crafts are usually a very economical option that allows you to work larger quantities at a good price, which is also convenient for those looking for a low-cost gift.
  • T-shirts or T-shirts with messages. Other interesting business What you can consider is the possibility of offering t-shirts or shirts printed with messages to taste. For this you need to purchase a minimum quantity of shirts of average sizes and a set of transfer sheets for hot printing. The technique is relatively simple since it basically consists of printing the desired design on the sheet and then transferring it to the shirt by means of a hot iron. This is a very nice gift that can be charged at a great price.
  • Plush. Stuffed animals are also usually one of the gifts in greatest demand on Valentine’s Day. You can buy these in batches in supermarkets or stores and combine them with chocolates or flowers to offer a much more attractive gift.
  • Gift packaging. Considering that thousands of gifts are given on Friendship Day, the demand for gift packaging and especially well decorated packaging increases. You can equip yourself with a set of scissors, bows, wrapping paper and all the necessary utensils to offer this service to the thousands of lovers who will seek it. Remember, good taste and creativity are essential to be able to charge it at a good price.
  • Serenades. If you have the gift of music or are an artist, then you can prepare a repertoire of ideal melodies to offer the service of bringing serenades. You will surely find many gentlemen who will gladly hire you to please their maids. An increasingly popular variant of this service is telephone serenades, which are cheaper and easier to offer.
  • Elaboration of personalized cards. Supermarkets and gift shops are full of common and standard cards. But offering cards made with personalized details such as portraits, or the simple fact of being unique and handmade are usually very attractive alternatives for lovers. If design is one of your strengths, you can exploit it very well with this option.

Undoubtedly the ideas can be many, from balloons to perfumes to clothing and romantic dinners, but whatever segment you want to market, it is very important (especially in this season) to take great care of details and in some cases discretion. So do not miss this huge opportunity to make money and what better than with the help of cupid.


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    Part 1 how much money i made selling flowers on valentines day