How to Make Your Business Page Appear in Google Results (II)

In the first part of this topic on how to make your business page appear in Google results We talked about some conceptual aspects that we must understand to take better advantage of the resources that the Internet can offer us. You can see the first part of this post here.

In this second installment I will expand on some characteristics that corporate web pages have to have so that search engines really find them and show them in the first results. This process is part of SEO positioning and is called indexing.

I will touch on some technical aspects that are necessary for didactic purposes, however my goal is not that you become an expert in web positioning, but that you know enough so that you know what to ask the designer of your website and that you can thus obtain better results.

How to Design Your Company Website

When you are planning to create a website to give your company a better image, then you should consider the following aspects so that it is effective and is positioned well. Positioning is extremely important for Google to find it and make it rise in the search results, that way more visitors and potential customers will arrive.

  1. Make a friendly and simple page, the less sophisticated it is, the better.
  2. Don’t use flash (moving images), use simple text. The text helps Google find the key concepts and keywords for positioning.
  3. Choose a main keyword. This will be a phrase that defines the main role of your business, product or service. It will be like the flag that will identify you to most of your customers.
  4. Also choose about 4 secondary keywords. These will be other complementary phrases that will have a correlation with the main keyword and that complement the positioning strategy.
  5. You must use your 5 keywords consistently in the following places: in the title of your page, in the titles of the posts, in the classification of topics of your page (tags), in the titles of the posts and of course in the content you post.
  6. Choose your own domain, like .com instead of a free domain, this will give your page more weight against the search algorithms. Many don’t know it, but a domain name costs only $ 10 a year and is renewable. It is a very low cost for all that you can get in profit.
  7. I recommend that this domain is not necessarily your brand or the name of your company, which is not bad but it is better that it is related to the concept and the keywords chosen according to point 4.
  8. Post regularly, 2 or 3 times a week is convenient and better if you use a blog that is updated frequently.
  9. Make sure your page responds quickly. This has to do with the design, the resolution of the images, the hosting you use and all those technical details that your designer will know how to handle. The images should be low resolution, enough to look good without slowing down the display of your information.
  10. Finally, install an analytical program that allows you to keep track of what is happening with your visitors. These programs are very complete and give you a lot of feedback that will be useful to make decisions and make constant improvements. I recommend the one I use, which is Google Analytics.

Why Many Web Pages Are Never Seen on Google?

As I mentioned briefly in the first post, all pages are indexed by search engines. They all appear but most of them are only within the hundreds of thousands of pages that search engines find and therefore, unless you are on the first or second page of results, it will never be seen. But also for the following reasons:

  1. Very slow, heavily loaded pages taking too long to display. The Internet user does not like to wait more than 5 or 10 seconds for useful information.
  2. Unfriendly pages, tangled where information is not easily found. The flash can be nice but it is not always friendly and is often slow.
  3. Pages that contain information not related to what we are looking for. This only represents visitors who are not potential customers because their interests are different.
  4. Websites with strange names or more focused on a brand than a concept. People look for concepts, they look for solutions, they look for services, they don’t always look for the brand unless it was a brand with a lot of weight with a great identity.

So, I know you will have an infinity of questions and doubts at this point, however these are just some simple tips that will help you improve some things almost immediately in your company’s website and I am sure that if you are interested in learning a little more, you will achieve extraordinary results. In the next part of this post I will give some examples that will help you better understand some ideas raised here as well as some tips related to social networks for better results.

Warning: if your web designer does not know about web positioning, change the designer, otherwise you will never get the desired results. Oh and by the way, an SEO consultancy will not necessarily be cheap, but it will give you much better results than simply having a page on the Internet that nobody sees!

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