How to Make Your Business Page Appear in Google Results (III)

Since this topic has been very interesting, I will share in this last part some final tips that should not be missing so that you get the best results in your internet marketing strategy.

We have already talked before about some important aspects that you should take care of when designing your web page that you can see in part II of this topic and that will help you to position it better in Google results as we also explained in the first part.

The other important aspect that you have to consider today to improve the volume of visitors to your business website and of which I speak in this post, is socialization.

Your Business on Social Networks

When we speak of socialization we mean not only that your business has a presence on social media known but that people are talking about it in these networks.

What does this mean?
Fundamentally we are talking about that Google as a search engine, nowadays gives a lot and more and more importance to what people are saying about your business or about your brand on the networks. This concept will open your eyes to the reason why the big brands are investing so much money in generating content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

And it is that it does not stop making sense to give more relevance to what people can say about your product on social networks, whether in a positive or negative sense, because finally everything we do aims to reach people, both our current customers and potential consumers.

So it is very important as part of your internet strategy and especially regarding the positioning of your website, complement it with presence and interesting content on social networks.

In Which Social Networks Should I Promote My Business?

There are many social networks, I would say there are hundreds of them. They are varied and have different styles and mechanics of operation. Making use of several social networks is convenient, however for budget, time and knowledge reasons, the best recommendation is to start with only some of them, the most important ones, and expand your dissemination according to your resources.

Some of the best known social networks are: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Some of the less known but important are: Blogger, Youtube, Google Plus and pinterest.

My recommendation is that you choose at least 2 or 3 of them, that you develop a strategy in social media and that you tie it with your website so that together everything contributes to the better positioning of your website and that allows you to attract visitors who are become clients for your business.

The secret of a social media strategy is the generation of interesting and entertaining content that your followers like and that motivates them to share what they find on your media, thus increasing the number of followers. Of course, this is a job that can be time-consuming so to the extent that the results allow, you will have to consider the possibility of hiring a Community Manager to take over. We will expand on this in another post.

So, I hope this series has been to your liking and as always your comments are welcome.

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