How to Print and Publish a Book That Sells

How to Print and Publish a Book That Sells

Being a writer is not so easy in these times basically because the Internet has changed the way in which people read and share information, many writers have decreased the sales of their physical books succumbing to piracy and file sharing on the Internet .

Faced with this new panorama, we have to find a way to create a book and ensure that it is sold in any format, but not only that, but also encourage the creation and printing of physical books to focus on that group of consumers for those who still have a lot. value. Here we try some ideas to finance the printing of a book and even better how to make it sell.

1. Financing our book

a) Let’s target New Editorials

Finding financing for literary production is not an easy task, especially for those novice writers who still have a long way to go. It is in this context that large publishers do not bet on promoting the publication of the works of young writers but rather try to ensure their sales by disseminating the publications of renowned authors in the market. But there are new publishers, let’s call them “young” who try to make their way in this highly competitive field and who are more affordable when it comes to accepting the publication of works, some are made by young writers while others have the purpose of supporting new talents. Opting for this alternative can be much more feasible and will bring us better results.

b) State Research Funds
Most countries have a research support fund that aims to promote the scientific research of anyone who has a project in mind; financing, although it requires bureaucratic procedures in most cases, may be the alternative we are looking for to get our book published.

c) University Publishers
If we are in a university as students or teachers we can take advantage of the facilities offered by the Universities for the publication of our books. All National Universities have an Editorial that provides facilities to the members of their university house and that meets the standards requested by any other publisher. Much better still is that our work can count on the support of a prestigious University, which would give it something more of value in addition to the channels of diffusion inside and outside the University.

d) Crowdfunding
The Collective Financing of projects reached literary and scientific production, it was very surprising to see how Libros started with a innovative business model promoting the financing of literary publications.

The method of operation is as follows: You open your application and offer all the people who contribute to your cause (the printing and publication of your book) a certain reward which can vary from an electronic version of your book to a physical version. When you get to finance the necessary amount you will be able to print and publish your book, in this way . allows the dream of many writers to come true.

But wait, there is something fundamental that we are forgetting, how a reader is going to bet on financing a book that he does not even know? For this, the author who is looking for financing must publish the first chapter of his work through which he must captivate to your future investors, something impressive.

2. Make our book sell

After we have managed to finance the printing and publication of our book comes one of the most complicated parts: getting it to sell. I think the main thing is that the quality of the work allows buyers to be captivated by the book and that it will depend on this whether it becomes a very sold or a failure.

There are of course those who believe that even the worst book can be sold with a good Marketing campaign, this is quite true but as always in any business the quality of the product is essential.

Using social networks to disseminate our work is a point that we must take into account, and needless to say, having a website where the book can be purchased. On the other hand, dissemination campaigns as a literary event or book sale is mandatory. Taking advantage of the university cloisters for the dissemination of our literary work will help us to become more known and that people begin to be interested in our works.

In order to expand the sales of our books we can offer them in two formats: Printed or Virtual, in the printed version the quality of edition and publication will be key for their sale. In virtual sales, the number of formats in which it is available will allow much more people to purchase it, by the way the price must be less than the price of the physical book.

I believe that the quality of the work will be essential for the success of our book, now not being able to publish our book is not an excuse since we have detailed various sources of financing that you can choose. The literary production of any field is very important and will allow us to build a name in the academic field, making us sell more and more our works.

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