How To Promote Your Business Without Spending Too Much

One of the main issues that concern entrepreneurs is how to get more customers. But more than that, they want to find customers who buy and consume in their businesses.

Of course if this were so easy it wouldn’t exist the challenge of entrepreneurship that motivates us every day to improve everything we do and constantly seek alternatives to achieve those goals. And who wouldn’t want to have thousands of dollars every month to run huge marketing campaigns. But the reality is different.

So before going into detail with these tips to promote your business without spending too much I must remind you that it is essential to review your marketing strategy in order to ensure that your product or service is focused on the correct market.

You must evaluate the profile of your client, their socio-economic level and their potential interest in your products. You should ask yourself these questions that the market study suggests and then evaluate your competition by asking yourself these 30 questions. If you do it thoroughly, from this long but important exercise you will get answers about the objectivity of your business strategy.

And why do I insist on the importance of reviewing your internal strategy, because if you don’t, every effort you make to go out and promote your business on the street, it will be in vain and it will only represent unnecessary costs and expenses, since if you are not targeting the correct client you will not get sales.

Tips to promote your company without spending too much

1. Word of mouth advertising. This is the best advertising that exists and is the product of striving to provide excellent care and service to your current customers. If they leave satisfied with your business, then they will generate customers and you can be sure that word of mouth advertising is very powerful.

2. Referral program. If you offer your current clients, in addition to great benefits, the possibility of earning something for recommending your business, then you will have through them a potential source of low-cost advertising. A referral system will help you with this.

3. Business cards. Of the older strategies, business cards are very important and still effective. If the design is eye-catching and conveys what you offer, then you have a valuable tool in your hands. Distribute them everywhere but especially to potential clients or places where you find people who may be interested in your business.

4. Remind your clients of their birthday. In many cases, you can build a database of your customers and send them a simple greeting card on the day of their celebration. This builds strong and lasting relationships and helps your clients not only remember you but also recommend you for this simple but powerful detail.

5. Register your business in Internet directories. On the web there are many free directories where you can register your business. Of course, local directories that attract customers from your city will be more effective, but finally most of these (not all) are free so you just need to dedicate time to register your business As many as you can, eventually sooner or later they will find you.

6. Create a blog for your business. Creating a blog is extremely easy and fast. You need some instruction and learning but you can do it if you put your mind to it. A blog allows you to position yourself on the Internet and make search engines find you and attract customers. This of course takes time and requires some more sophisticated techniques, but you can start by creating your own blog. If you want to start learning from today, we can guide you to make your first blog.

7. Design flyers or flyers to distribute in your area. Flyers have always been effective and inexpensive. This method is like casting the hook and seeing who bites which is not bad. The recommendation is that your flyer carry a striking offer and that it requires them to present said flyer, so you can measure its scope.

8. Create your page on facebook. Social media can be very effective and help position your brand effectively. To do it with impact, you need to learn about Social Media Marketing, but the first step is to create your own Facebook fanpage and start creating content that attracts the attention of your followers and potential customers.

9. Create an Adwords campaign. Adwords is Google’s contextual advertising system and it has the great advantage that you can create very effective campaigns directed at your specific customer segment without investing large amounts of money. For example, you can create a campaign for $ 50 or $ 100 or whatever you have available. Best of all, they only charge you for each click that people make that takes them to your website, blog or fanpage. See Adwords.

10. Create a Facebook Ads campaign. Similar to the previous point, Facebook ads can be contracted in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in such a way that they only charge you each time an interested party clicks on the ad, thus obtaining the highest possible effectiveness. See Facebook Ads.

We still have more suggestions and tips to promote your business so wait for the II part of this entry.

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