How to Promote Your Company Without Spending Too Much (Part II)

Continuing with this series on how to promote your business without spending too much money, these are other tips that you can put into practice starting today. (see part I)

11. Advertise yourself at the chamber of commerce. Chambers of commerce usually bring together all large and small companies in the city and even create directories that are distributed in strategic places. So you can contact them and find out how to be part of the directory.

12. Participate in fairs. Having a presence at business fairs is a strategy that works and best if it has any relationship with the product or service you offer, as this way you make your company known and create contacts with potential clients. In most places you can rent a small stand at low cost.

13. Print annual calendars. The tradition of printing calendars and distributing them in December of each year is still valuable because it ensures that your customers will have your maca on display for the rest of the following year. Your phone must always be visible so that they can call you at any time they require your services.

14. Make contacts with journalists. If you are an expert in an area of ​​interest, you can contact some news media to start a relationship through which at some point you can give an interview about the subject, free of charge and with the sole purpose of attracting the attention of potential clients. This is beneficial for the environment and also for your business. Everyone wins.

15. Advertise on online classifieds sites. Online classifieds sites are very popular and can be very effective. The reason is that due to its structure classified into categories and its high volume of visitors, it can help you obtain good results in a short time. Some of the best known companies are the yellow pages or classified in OLX.

16. Telemarketing. Follow-up calls to your customers can be one way to get new business without investing too much. If you learn to do direct and effective telemarketing, you will be able to budget for a number of calls per week that allow you to greet your clients and invite them to stop by your premises, or in another case recommend someone you can contact to present your services. .

17. Print shirts or t-shirts with your business logo. If they are very creative you can sell them or give them to your preferred customers. They will be happy to show them off and do some valuable marketing for your company as well.

18. Advertise in radio classifieds. Radio classifieds are another interesting resource to consider that will allow you to access another market of clients that you may not be able to capture through the usual means. These ads are usually low cost and usually generate immediate calls so it is good to be attentive to the phone so as not to miss the results.

19. Create a social media marketing strategy. This is a resource that requires some investment in knowledge and training, but in the long term it can give you excellent results. Building a strategy based on social networks that encompasses several of them and based on content marketing will help you create a community of followers that over time strengthen your brand.

10. Advertising in written media. I have intentionally left the newspapers and magazines for the last point because although they are usually the most attractive for most entrepreneurs due to their effectiveness, they must also be considered within the framework of advertising objectives. The great advantage is the variety of formats, sizes and prices to advertise but at the same time we must ask ourselves if said medium meets our marketing objectives and the profile of our client.

So remember that you don’t need thousands of dollars to be able to promote your SME effectively. You can do it using a lot of creativity and of course, the price to pay especially in electronic media is the knowledge and training of your staff.

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