How to Put Your Business on Google Maps

How to Put Your Business on Google Maps

In the midst of the digital age, every entrepreneur must understand the importance of having his business fully present on the Internet to attract more customers.

In that sense, geolocation is one of those characteristics that must be taken advantage of.

If your business can be found through applications such as Waze or Google maps Your chances of better positioning increase significantly and therefore your customers, especially digital ones, will find you more easily.

Millions of users use their mobile device daily to search for products and services, and applications such as Google maps they can easily redirect them to your local business making it an incredibly powerful business strategy.

How does geolocation work?

It is very simple. When a person uses the Google search engine to find a product, he discovers within the search results, relevant options related to companies located in the perimeter where that person is located at that moment, attracting him to this business.

Imagine, for example, that you have a severe toothache and you need to find a dentist in the area where you are. You don’t have time to go to your favorite dentist on the other side of town because you need it right now.

You use Google on your cell phone to search for dentists and among the thousands of results that the application shows you, you discover one related to Google Maps that points you to a clinic just 4 minutes from your location, open at this time and also with the technical sheet of the company so you can also get in touch immediately to make an appointment.

I am sure that while you read the rest of the results you will already be on your way to said clinic to solve your problem and the owner of said business will have won a client.

How to Put Your Business on Google Maps?

The guide is very simple and it will take you just a few minutes to add your business to Google Maps, also called Google My Business:

  1. You must access Google My Business, which is Google’s service to register your business. Access easily with your same Gmail user.
  2. Fill out the corresponding form with your general data to add a new company
  3. Click find business information to ensure you are the owner of the your business information
  4. Add your website. It is not a requirement that you have one but it is recommended and it can even be a blog which is even better.
  5. Add a broad description of your business (use multiple keywords)
  6. Add photos and videos
  7. Register in at least 5 categories that define your business activity
  8. Check and adjust your physical location on the map
  9. Finally press Send to confirm all the information

Validation in Google Maps

After these steps you must validate your information and Google will ask you to do it through conventional mail.

To do this, Google will send you an envelope with a PIN to the address you have registered. This is a code that you must enter in your company profile to complete the registration and thus guarantee that your company is real and that it is located in the exact place indicated.

This validation document is an automated process so it may take a few weeks to arrive.

Once your PIN has been confirmed in the system, your business will be activated on Google Maps within a period of approximately 24 hours and the way to verify it is by testing related searches in Google Maps in a natural way as any potential client would.

Can I register multiple businesses on Google Maps?

If you have more than one business or several establishments in different cities, there are two ways to register these in Google Maps so that they are shown in localized searches or when they enter the name of your company.

The simplest is to register it directly through the Google Maps tool and the second a little more complex is using Google My Business (formerly Google Places).

It is important to mention that in some Latin American countries Google My Business is not yet officially available, so you must verify it specifically.

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