How to set up a used tire business

How to set up a used tire business

Many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses using recycling and repair, they realized that certain products with proper maintenance can be reused and thus lower costs achieving much greater benefits with minimal investments, this is the case for example of the business of used tires. We detail below how to start a used tire business.

1 Profiling our business. Search of suppliers.
One of the fundamental factors is to profile our business and look for our suppliers, in this case it will be necessary to determine how we will supply our stock and which of them is much more convenient for us.

a) Import of Used Tires: We can start our business by importing used tires from other countries, generally from industrialized countries such as the United States, China, countries in Europe or other countries in Asia. In this case, the tires that we will buy will already be ready to be shipped and there will be no need for us to intervene in the repair process.

b) Local purchase of Tires and spare parts: the second way of start our business It is by acquiring tires in the local market that we will later repair them for reuse. The key activity will be to find our local suppliers so that we do not run out of stock, the supply must be continuous.

The difference between the two ways outlined above is basically in the price, if we choose to directly import the used tires ready to sell we will have to invest in the import costs, taxes and cost of the product while if we want to purchase the tires locally we will have to to invest in their refurbishment. Let us opt here for the most profitable option that allows lower costs.

2. Local Search
The location is essential for a business, we have to take into account the location of our physical store, the ideal is that it is located near car sales establishments or car repair and maintenance establishments. Being within a commercial area related to auto parts, it will be much more feasible for our sales to increase in person.

3. Formalization of the Company
The formalization of our company is fundamental, in fact it is fundamental for any business not only because it allows us to be within the legal framework but also because it gives more security to buyers who will see us as a serious company. Formalization does not require further paperwork, due to business promotion the company formation costs they are decreasing more every day.

The formalization of a company Includes the following:
a) Registration of our company as a Legal Person in public records.
b) Registration of our company in the corresponding Tax Entity to declare and pay our taxes.

Although now anyone without legal knowledge can set up your company We recommend consulting a technical specialist who is much more soaked in the matter.

4. Brand Creation
Another important step is the registration of our Brand, if our tendency is to stand out from the competition we must focus on the creation of a Brand that is the logo of our business. The Trademark registration process is also an additional legal protection that strengthens our business and is currently key for any company.

Observation: In addition to the registration of the trademark, we recommend that you register the domain name of the same and your company, at present it is an obligation in some countries for companies to have a web page so it will be more than necessary that we register it before someone else does.

5. Marketing and Let’s start selling!
After having established our company, having obtained our suppliers and having everything in order to start, it is time to sell, we can implement a small marketing plan both physically and on the Internet to expand the arrival of our brand and obtain more buyers. If the location of our commercial premises allows it, we must offer offers to stand out from our competing “neighbors”, whoever promotes their products better will be the one who sells more.

In conclusion…
The business of selling used tires it has increased its profitability thanks to environmental protection campaigns since they not only save money but also pollute the environment less. Of course, there is still some discussion on the issue of ecology or on the part of road safety in terms of quality, but we cannot deny that the sale of used tires is still a very convenient option, especially for those who have fewer resources and They need to change the tires on their vehicle. And what do you think of this business?

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