How to Start Your Company, Without Leaving Your Job

How to Start Your Company, Without Leaving Your Job

One of the great dilemmas of every entrepreneur is precisely this:How I started my company, without leaving my job?

Which also translates to When is the appropriate time to quit my job?

And it is not for less because although many people dream of start your own businessNot everyone can leave their job from one day to the next because they depend on their salary.

On the other hand, you run the risk of clinging so hard to your job that time goes by and leads you to a zone of inaction where years could go by without you finally doing anything to build something of your own.

Therefore, today I share some valuable tips that will help you make a better decision and identify when is the right time to take the step of undertake.

When to Leave Employment?

If we must recognize something, it is that when suddenly the idea of ​​setting up a own company and that idea begins to grow and take shape, and it excites us to the point of taking away sleep, then the miracle occurs: because together with that idea, a entrepreneur.[twitéalo]

Suddenly you give it thousands of turns, the yearnings for success invade you, you can hardly sleep imagining the possibilities and you talk to everyone about your project.

Not everyone believes you, or supports you the first time, despite this you see yourself achieving those dreams, having a better lifestyle and giving your family the best.

Everything points to better times except for one detail. You still have a job. Maybe you have some capital and a lot of desire but you don’t know when is the right time to present your resignation letter and thank your current boss.

You cannot afford to start tomorrow without income and leave your family unprotected. Things don’t look so easy and that’s when discouragement and doubt can arise.

However, there is good news. You don’t necessarily have to quit your job to start your business. The decision does not have to be necessarily violent like having to choose between one and the other.

There are alternatives and strategies that will help you do this transition from employee to employer easier and more convenient.

9 Tips for Moving from Employment to Business

The first thing to keep in mind is preparation. You must prepare yourself mentally and financially to be able to take that important step of opening your own business.

1. Spend enough time planning

I always say it: in business there will be risks all the time, but the better we plan, the less risk there is. While you are in your current job, you can take advantage of the stability that it offers you to make a very complete business plan.

Remember that the success of a business has a lot to do with planning. It is vital to have a budget, a market study and a sales strategy and all this you can do without leaving your job.

Are you really committed to your project? So turn off the TV at night, spend less time on social media entertainment, grab a pen and paper, and start planning.

2. Specialize in your business area

The second factor of success in business is knowledge. In the middle of the digital age, being good is not enough. To survive you must be the best. [twitéalo]

Sign up for seminars, buy books, and attend career preparation workshops in whatever business area you want to venture into.

For example, if your dream is a restaurant business, then take a course in food business management, one on making French dishes and if possible also take a course in marketing and sales. Everything will be useful to you set up your company.

Many of these seminars are held in the evenings or on weekends. You can even request some leave from your boss with the proposal to make up time. If you do it in moderation, you could be taking advantage of the time to acquire the necessary skills to manage your company well.

3. Save. Every penny is worth

The biggest obstacle to starting a business is usually a lack of money. We can have all the motivation in the world, the business knowledge and the energy. But without some capital you can hardly build anything.

So if you are really willing to do it, your job may be the best vehicle for raising that valuable start-up capital.

Therefore, while you have the benefit of a monthly salary, you must make a personal commitment to save a lot and spend less. Reduce some of those everyday pleasures in exchange for a great sleep.

Every penny counts and every dollar saved will shorten the path to your Financial Freedom.

4. Become an expert in customer service

If there is something that makes a business grow, it is understanding that the customer is the fundamental pillar of success.

The best place to learn this is the company where you work. There you will find many internal and external clients to develop these skills. What are your strengths? and what are its weaknesses?

Do this exercise, ask yourself: What would I do to improve customer service where I currently work?

I am sure that your current work environment will be ideal for experimenting and developing better customer service skills that you will later put into practice in your own company.

5. Be the best in your current job

What does this have to do with starting a business? you may ask.

This is called integrity. It is the ability of a person to be successful not only in the company, but in all areas of his life. If you are a business-oriented employee, then you will be a better entrepreneur in the future.

For some strange reason, businesses operate on principles. And this is one of them.
The explanation may be vague but I can assure you that if you are loyal and committed to the company where you work, one of these days, your own employees will also be loyal and loyal to your business.

6. Set a date

Decide as part of your planning, when you would like to open the doors of Your own business. This represents a commitment to yourself. Starting your business could be in 6 months or 6 years.

The important thing is not how long, but how well you are prepared for when that time comes.

However, the exercise of setting a date is important to have a clear and quantifiable goal that helps you measure and schedule your specific actions within this project. Setting a date is all about planning and taking action wisely.

7. Commit to being solvent

Many entrepreneurs dream of Financial Freedom and they think that a own business You can give it to them. This is partially true because excess bad debt can affect the growth of a business.

And I say partially because it comes to my mind that Robert Kiyosaki recommends in his book The Money Flow Quadrant that even your own business can help you pay off debts.

The breakeven point can be summed up in a single concept: controlled debt, as opposed to uncontrolled debt. Good debts and bad debts. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should read the book, it will be an excellent investment.

8. Build a contact base

Another of the vital skills of a good entrepreneur is having the strategic contacts to get good business. Contacts can also help you get excellent products, good prices and convenient conditions.

Do not wait to open the doors of your local or office to start making good contacts. Attend networking sessions, business events and all kinds of meetings where you meet people. Bring business cards and start building your own network.

The time to make relationships is now!

9. Make alliances and look for strategic partners

Another very interesting alternative is to open the doors of your business without being 100% present in it. For this you need to find some partners, preferably people you trust such as family or friends who can support you with the operation of the business in exchange for shares or royalties.

Or if they want to work for you, they can do so in exchange for a billing commission.

This type of alliance allows you to start generating some extra income without leaving your job current. You certainly won’t win everything but you don’t have to dedicate yourself completely to the business.

Of course, the decision-making should be your own attribution that allows you to have control and as it grows and the income allows it, then you can launch yourself to direct 100%.


The best time to dedicate yourself totally to run your company your heart will dictate it. I know, it sounds little technical. But this has to do with preparation, personal growth, and a good sales and marketing strategy that guides you to success.

Don’t allow anxiety to control you and lead you to make abrupt decisions. Many times negative factors in your job such as: bad pay, bad work environment or certain adverse conditions can push you to think that it is the right time.

But determining it will only be known if you gather all the necessary elements to launch yourself into the experience of start your business. If not, it will be wise to wait a bit and in the worst case consider a job change. But when the time comes. you will know.

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