How to use outdoor business signage to grow your business

How to use outdoor business signage to grow your business

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When it comes to business, you have to continually work to increase sales, attract more customers and add value to your brand. This shows that you are serious about expanding your brand presence. Outdoor business signage is one of the popular advertising media that has several advantages. Print and offline marketing have been an integral part of marketing, and it still has the ability to drive customers straight to your store.

With the advancement of technology, you can now experiment a lot with your signage. You can take advantage of the email center, LED lighting, navigation signs and more. Sometimes an effective message conveyed creatively through good visuals can work wonders for your brand. In the end, it’s all about the creative idea.

But before we get into those internals, let’s understand the importance of a signage to your brand.

Let’s say your storefront is located in an alley where two or three companies also offer the same services as yours. How will you differentiate yourself from the rest to a passing potential customer? How will you effectively communicate that you are offering the knowledge they need?

This is where outdoor business signage enters the scene. Simple signs that define the essence of your brand can help you attract customers to your store. A copy that says “We repair all watches – vintage, modern, digital” with the right graphics can draw the audience’s attention to your experience. Professionally designed foam printing can bring you the longest desired exposure.

Here are three reasons why you should invest in outdoor signage for your business.

Attract customers right on your storefront

Capturing the attention of potential customers is the first step to selling. Placement strategically in the right place will help you get the particular attention you were looking for. Signs are essential elements of visual communication. They talk to customers on your behalf, solving their problem and solving it with the service or product you offer.

Signs are 24/7 advertising tools for your business. While they are hanging, there is a chance that the buyer will turn in your direction and spend only 2-3 seconds reading. Location, your company name can be registered in their subconscious. Later, when they pass by, they will know that you are around the corner. And when they see the signs again, they know exactly where to go.

If you’re the type of company that has a store in a busy mall, consider signs as your best friend. Inexpensive and durable signs will attract the attention of the buyer from the street as well as from the street. Signs reveal your business to anyone and everyone – be it a newbie, local, tourist, or an ordinary person walking by or passing by.

Increasing brand value

Custom signage designs using your brand colors, logo and other symbols can transform your business into a brand. Consistency in design and placement is key to exponential growth. Follow your logo colors, set your design theme with this in mind, and create a beautiful slogan or short copy that conveys the value you provide to your client. Bring your entire signage concept succinctly and effectively, and then witness how it will add tenfold value to your brand.

These elements represent the assets of your business that create an impression of your brand in the heart and mind of the consumer. Your product may be manufactured in a factory or baked in your kitchen, but brands are built at the heart. Remember, you must be consistent in these things. Be sure to attach importance to your logo, slogan and brand colors. People only remember one Nike with a checkmark. If Nike had several signs or symbols, then today people will not recognize it by one mark. Consistency and loyalty to your own brand in signage will increase your customer loyalty.

Increased sales

A business functions when it gets sales, when people choose to use it, not once, but twice and more often. With outdoor signage, you can sell your services and products directly to consumers. You might have an announcement for your next big sale, or your next giveaway, or how you use your expertise to solve a customer problem, or what is the best product for you in London. The right styrofoam signage can help you promote your business in all areas.

Build long-term relationships with your client with effective communications. Get them to explore your brand or product. Signage gives them the ability to interact with your brand without distraction. This keeps them interested and can lead to significant positive results. In a world where people get tons of alerts on their phones that they just brush off, outdoor signs like styrofoam signs cut through all the clutter at their convenience. Reaching them in the real world at the moment and pushing them to your store.

Apart from all these three important reasons, outdoor signage brings many other benefits as well. Outdoor business signage is cost effective compared to other traditional marketing methods, and most importantly, green and cost effective. They are demographic targeting, unobtrusive, and drive traffic.

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