If they do not pay you what you are worth, undertake!

We have probably all experienced at some point the feeling of feeling under-rewarded in our jobs.

Excessive hours, lack of incentives, few opportunities and even injustices at work mean that more and more people have the syndrome of job dissatisfaction that makes them feel used and exploited.

Fortunately if they don’t pay you what you are worth, there is a solution: undertake!

Of course To start a business It is not something that is achieved overnight and I do not mean to imply that you have to abruptly quit your job to start your own company. That would be insane and totally irresponsible!

In fact, nobody has said that it is easy because the entrepreneurial pathAlthough it offers pleasant satisfactions, it is also a path that can be hard and complicated at the beginning, especially if it is not done in a planned way.

Why would you want to quit your job?
The first question you should ask yourself before considering leaving your job is: why do you really want to? And there are many reasons why you could be wanting it but not necessarily all will be valid reasons.

If your primary reason is to get over yourself, build a company, have more time to enjoy with yours and be financially free, then you are on the right track.

On the other hand, if your reason is because you are desperate, underpaid, oppressed, limited and maybe even fed up with what you do. Bingo! That is also a good reason! Who said you had to be the martyr who endures it all at work?

Another great reason to undertake may be the fact that you are simply unemployed, or have been fired. We are not going to analyze the reasons because they can be diverse, but if you are one of those who have ever been financially trapped and cannot find a way out, then welcome to the club.

In fact, I must confess that this blog was born at a time of great need in which I myself was looking for options to undertake and I never imagined the success that it would have.

What to do then to start?
Now, it would be useless to come out of the bad to fall into the worst. And that is precisely the reason for this post. Encourage you to seek your dreams, but doing it correctly so that in the end you enjoy having made a momentous decision in your life.

Many of us find ourselves in need of having a job because the system teaches us so. And it’s not that it’s bad, in fact, having a job can be a great opportunity if you know how to take advantage of it in all aspects.

So, if you really need to take the step from work to business, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Do not fall prey to despair.
  2. Make the most of what you can learn while having a job.
  3. Start dreaming about the kind of company or business you want to build.
  4. Make your business plan and improve it day by day.
  5. Save, save and save to have capital.
  6. Seek advice with successful People.
  7. Get rid of all the negatives and focus on learning and preparing.
  8. Take some management and sales courses.
  9. Prepare an investment budget to know how much money you need.

Finally, the key to knowing when you are ready to take the step of resigning and start your own businessIt will be when you have total control of yourself. When you have subdued despair and performed the actions listed above, then you will know that you are ready.

If you are one of those who are unemployed, the same steps apply, except that you will not have a salary to support you while the business begins to grow. This is not a limitation but you must be aware that the effort will be double. Still, do not lose heart and keep going until you achieve your Financial Freedom. Many have succeeded so there is no reason why you should not be one of them.

One last tip. If possible, according to the type of business you want to set up, try to start it while you still have a job. This will allow you to reduce the economic pressure helping it to grow consistently.

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