If you like to write, turn your talent into money

If you like to write, turn your talent into money

For some particularly special people, writing and recording their thoughts is a unique delight that is difficult to describe.

Having the ability to transmit ideas on paper in an orderly, captivating and interesting way can be an art or a great talent.

The fact that people who read us delight in what we write is something wonderful and pleasant, I insist, that not everyone will be able to understand.

So if you are one of those beings that can easily sit in front of the computer and spend hours of hours typing and creating articles on various topics, wonderful stories, articles, comments or even a book, then we ask you the question:

Why not add an ingredient to your favorite hobby that will give you greater gratification? Why not take advantage of your talent and earn money writing?

How to do it? will be the question that arises. And it is that let me tell you that many ways to take advantage of your creative talent, to generate some good extra dollars.

So here I share some of the options that thanks to the Internet can allow you to do it in a practical way and start today:

3 Ideas To Make Money By Writing

Write an Electronic Book

A electronic book or ebook as it is also called, it is a special type of book that has the particularity of having a format that can be read and shared over the Internet or electronic media.

You can basically write an ebook on your favorite topic and it can be any size you want.

The great advantage over printed books is that you do not need a large investment to print and distribute it, which is one of the main obstacles for many writers.

If you are a novice writer, I recommend a topic that is not so extensive but of very good quality, so that you can win the interest of your first readers. Once finished, you can pass out some samples with your close friends and ask them as a personal favor to read it and give you their comments.

This first exercise will allow you to measure the quality of your writing. A second step would be to improve it and launch a second edition that can be offered by different means in cyberspace or on Amazon and sell it for say about $ 3 or $ 5 dollars.

Part of the strategy is to market it for a low price but sell it in volume and take advantage of the content to promote some other own products such as electronic courses, conferences, workshops or other books.

Actually an e-book can generate a great exposure very convenient for your personal brand.

Help People Write their Resumes

I have taken this idea from the Create my Company blog from my friend Antoine Kerfant who suggests that you can also implement the CV writing service for job seekers who often feel insecure about writing their own resumes.

Probably because they do not know the correct wording or lack good spelling, the truth is that this service could be of interest to those looking for work and you could be the ideal person to offer it and thus generate good extra money by writing.

Write for Blog Networks

A Blog is a singular kind of web page that contains articles generally written by one or more authors on a defined topic that are displayed in chronological order. They are usually short articles that generate great interest from the reader.

The rise and success of Blogs has allowed the creation of different networks to meet the need for quality information of the millions of Internet readers, such as textbroker.

Whether for information, entertainment or simple entertainment, there is a strong demand for writers who feed the content of the interesting world of Blogs.

So if you are an expert on a specific topic and you are passionate about writing about it, you are the perfect candidate to belong to a network of this kind, in which you get paid for your articles.

Of course they require a certain commitment of writing in terms of frequency, spelling and quality of writing. Some sites give you the open space to send posts whenever you want and others require from 1 or 2 daily posts to about 3 posts per week and in return they offer you between $ 1 to $ 4 dollars per article of about 500 words or an exchange of the profits by contextual advertising.

Anyway, if you already write for the pleasure of doing it, why not also write for profit.

Better yet, you could create your own personal Blog, with the only observation that then you will also need to know the administration and the technical environment to be able to increase your profits (nothing fancy that you cannot learn).

If these ideas excite you, I suggest starting your blog using two of the best blogging platforms out there: blogger.com and wordpress.com (both are free).

If this is not your thing, do not worry, in this blog you will find other interesting ideas to undertake.

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