If You Want To Have Thousands Of Followers On Your Social Networks, Don't Make These Mistakes

If You Want To Have Thousands Of Followers On Your Social Networks, Don’t Make These Mistakes

Social networks are another of those web phenomena that have changed the way the world moves.

Without realizing it, many things now revolve around the networks. And although we do not depend on them to live, at times it seems as if there is another world in there for those who are connected.

There is everything. There are those who spend more time talking with their friends than they can breathe. And then there are those who don’t want to know anything about facebook or all those things that make them feel like their time is slowly fading away.

But for those of us who do business. For those of us who are entrepreneurs and are in constant search of better contacts and more clients. What do social networks represent?

Social Networks, A Huge Business Opportunity

I have mentioned it before and will highlight it now. You can see the networks from various angles. They can be a means of communication, entertainment or to strengthen your company.

Many know it. Many business owners know that social media has great advantages and the most important of them is probably its enormous potential to attract new customers at very low costs, especially compared to the costs of traditional advertising media.

What you probably don’t know is that social media is NOT just another means of advertising. And that is why they fail to make the most of all its benefits.

Of course, this is a difficult topic to explain in a few lines as I even give 8 or 12 hour seminars myself to help entrepreneurs open their minds and better understand how social media works and how they can make the most of it to expand their companies.

However, today I want to share with you how I did yesterday through Facebook and it is the launch of a very valuable digital book edited by my dear friend Susana Villalobos Bretón.

It is the ebook “Social Networks for Web Entrepreneurs”.

The content of this book is very special and I love it because Susana spent a lot of time (months probably) gathering the testimonies and experiences of some of the most important leaders of the web in Spanish, who have huge online communities with thousands of followers and making them this question: If you had to start over, what mistakes would you not make? o What would you do better?

Undoubtedly, it is a document that can save us a lot of headaches and hundreds of hours of trial and error at the time of implement a business strategy in social networks.

This is just one “taste“of what you’ll find in this magnificent book:

  • Diego Polo.: “… would have started much stronger. I would have invested more in content”
  • Juan Merodio from the blog.: “Create a roadmap that tells you where you come from, what situation you are in and where you want to go”
  • Javier Diaz from ..org: “I personally use applications to schedule content and ensure that each publication arrives at the most convenient time”
  • Emilio marquez from .:”The first thing, without a doubt, is to have enough critical capacity to assume that as entrepreneurs, any step taken in the past can always be improved. “
  • Fatima Martinez Lopez from the blog Luces y Sombras de las Marcas: “Another mistake is to have abandoned hashtags that you have created if they have been successful. A hashtag of our own can identify if we are able to provide it with content that is of interest to the community.”

And well, countless other bloggers, marketers, and Internet business experts like Angel Benito from El Rincón del Vago, Guillermo Perezbolde of Digital Mind, Victor Martin, Rafa Osuna from The Last Blog, Víctor Valladares, Jesús Perez, Carlos Jimenez Delgado and many more (among whom I have the honor to participate) who will reveal their most valuable secrets that have allowed them to have thousands of followers on their social networks.

As if that were not enough, Susana’s book is completely free and you can download it right now by clicking on this link.

You Shouldn’t Make These Mistakes

Although I am sure that the book itself will open your mind to new possibilities, I would like to recommend that you do not make the following mistakes before reading it:

  • Don’t take social media lightly, it is a powerful tool
  • Don’t downplay what can be achieved with them
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late to start a strategy
  • Don’t “rest on your laurels” while your competition is already doing something

Finally and the most valuable of all the advice that I could give you: “don’t skimp on your learning because a good entrepreneur is always learning.” [twitéalo]

As always, success in everything and do not stop following us on facebook and Google+

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