Internet The New Gold Rush

Internet The New Gold Rush

For a decade in 1850, one of the most incredible phenomena in American history occurred: the gold rush.

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The discovery of sources of gold in rural areas caused the mass migration of many people who, in order to change their lives forever, abandoned everything to go in search of the precious stone that they said could be found in Baja California.

Thousands of men and women left their jobs and even their families to cross the entire country in search of a dream.

The story is fascinating. But at the same time, it is said that the vast majority of all migrants who were looking for a small golden seed returned with nothing in their hands.

Some of them returned to their place of origin with the desire to return to their old job, which, incidentally, had already been occupied many times.

The truth is that only a few returned with their hands full of money. And they were those who searched long enough. Those who did not give up. Those who were not willing to return defeated to their traditional employment.

Those who couldn’t go back and look their children in the eye and tell them: I couldn’t find anything.

And it is that the search for gold was not a question of skill, but of persistence. Just like today. History repeats itself.

Internet The New Gold Rush

Many people know that Internet businesses are the new of gold. For two decades, the network has not stopped giving way to many millionaires. Many of us know that it is possible but doubt defeats us before we even try.

Most sadly get discouraged too soon. Others are unwilling to invest anything. They want the gold but without paying the price to obtain it.

I know that you follow me because you know that I can help you find a precious stone. And I know that in some cases just one would be enough, and that is precisely my wish. Be a light, a guide.

That word of encouragement that motivates you to keep looking until you find your own source of gold, that business that allows you to change your lifestyle once and for all.

As I always do, I want to encourage you to keep looking, to keep trying. It still takes 5 or 10 years to not pass out. Because even that is better than working a lifetime in the routine allowing someone else to decide your income.

The Internet is the new gold rush. And the best of all is that this mine is inexhaustible.

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