Is Facebook a bad business?

Is Facebook a bad business?

There are many reasons to think that Facebook is a bad business.

If you are wondering why, then I will give you at least 10 arguments why it is assumed that Facebook couldn’t be a good business (please read to the end).

  1. The creator of FacebookHe was only 20 years old in 2004 when he launched the idea of ​​his social network. No one is supposed to be that young and experienced enough to bring such a phenomenal idea to life.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, its creator dropped out of his undergraduate degree in psychology at Harvard in 2005. It is assumed that for do big business You need to be a graduate professional with many recognitions that accredit you as the ideal person to create and build a great company.
  3. Mark seemed not to know how to take advantage of business opportunities. In 2006, Yahoo tried to buy Facebook from you for $ 1 billion. Offer that Zuckerberg rejected! A year later Microsoft bought a part of its shares which raised the value of the company to 15,000 million dollars, a value that would multiply a couple of years later.
  4. The founder of Facebook he does not seem to be a humble person. Unlike many great entrepreneursRecently, Mark Zuckerberg has been ranked as the character that heads the list of the most influential people in the world of technology.
  5. It is a business that was born very late. Facebook was born too late when the social market on the Internet was dominated by big names like MySpace, Hi5 and Orkut among others. Compete overnight with Business of that size it is assumed That should be practically impossible.
  6. Your strategy is too simple. Facebook was conceived as a very friendly social network, so easy to use that even a child can do it, very practical and addictive. We all know that for a business to be successful It should be something more sophisticated and complex.
  7. Facebook cannot be free. How do they earn money? Every business has to earn money and this social network is accessible completely free to its 500 million users. Something must be wrong with Zuckerberg’s strategy.
  8. There were many failed attempts before Facebook really succeeded. Clearly Mark Z. didn’t know much about business. He did several unsuccessful projects before this one and even Facebook may have had other less impactful names previously (like . or something like that). This shows that not all of his projects have had the desired success, “only this one.”
  9. A single idea could not be so momentous. The social network Facebook was born as an idea to help university students get to know each other virtually. It is not possible for such a simple idea to become a big bussiness. That doesn’t happen in real life. Mark must have dismissed that thought from the start and thought that “it would not work“what to”a no one would be interested“.
  10. None company grows so fast From overnight. Everything entrepreneur know that your deal it must grow slowly. Use so much creativity to grow a business In these dimensions it does not agree with the common laws of doing business.

As you will understand, this is an allegorical way of transmitting a message: In business there is nothing written. All existing knowledge is useful and helps to do things in a better way. But what ultimately counts is the creativity, the daring and the enthusiasm that each person brings to their own business project and Facebook is the best example of this.

I love the end of this story. Mark Zuckerberg He is considered one of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs on the planet. His fortune today exceeds 1.5 billion dollars. And all … thanks to a great business idea.

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