Jürgen Klaric Interview About BiiALab Launch

Jürgen Klaric Interview About BiiALab Launch

For those who do not know him, Jürgen Klaric is recognized worldwide as the guru of Neuromarketing.

His concepts on innovation in business they have shaken the minds of many and led companies to develop a new way of selling.

As he describes himself, he is an enthusiastic, demanding and very critical guy. Well, Jürgen is leading a new and wonderful project, and we had the opportunity to give us an exclusive interview in which he tells us what BiiALab consists of and how entrepreneurs from all over Latin America are going to benefit from this valuable proposal.

Transforming Education with BiiALab

Essentially, as Jürgen explained to us, BiiaLab seeks to be a platform created to educate and inspire, but it will also be a next-generation creative space to give life to new business and technological projects.

Through a sophisticated high-tech system, BiiALab will provide students with a form of learning different from that traditionally offered by universities, as it will be based on a concept of comprehensive training based on neuro-pedagogy, seeking to first develop the “to be“to later strengthen the”think“.

The first BiiaLab headquarters will officially open its doors on August 13 next and well, in this video Jürgen gives us a sample of what the project will be and how all entrepreneurs can be part of it.

1000 Business Ideas is an Associate Partner of the project so you can count on us to be bringing you more news and information about it.

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