List of 22 Green or Ecological Businesses

List of 22 Green or Ecological Businesses

Today more than ever, society and companies are joining the different movements for the conservation of the earth. Ecology and the promotion of activities that help sustainability are increasingly in demand and therefore represent not only a social responsibility but an enormous business opportunity.

Today I share one list of business ideas which I am sure will be of great interest to entrepreneurs who want to venture into this field of green or ecological businesses.

And it is that starting a green business in addition to the usual challenge that implies start a business, it also represents a huge satisfaction for contributing to a better and healthier world which makes it even more attractive.

  1. Recycling and waste management
  2. Refilling ink and toner cartridges
  3. Manufacture of organic hair products
  4. Environmental education programs for schools and companies
  5. Manufacture of saving systems for electricity
  6. Manufacture of products to save water
  7. Recycling companies: collection and recycling of plastics, paper, aluminum, glass, cardboard, etc.
  8. Manufacture of ecological diapers
  9. Cleaning of air conditioning ducts
  10. Manufacture of biodegradable bags
  11. Commercialization of electric vehicles
  12. Organic products store
  13. Set up an environmental consultancy
  14. Wastewater treatment systems
  15. Manufacture and sale of solar water heaters
  16. Organic food production
  17. Bicycle recycling
  18. Recycling of computers and electronic components
  19. Battery renewal
  20. Marketing of fuel savers
  21. Ecological urinals
  22. Generation of electricity with solar energy

The green or ecological businesses They have the enormous advantage that part of their philosophy is to make the most of all waste and turn it into something useful for society, and this implies less investment in raw materials.

Of course, as in everything business project, you must document yourself, study, research and become an expert in the line of business you want to work on. You don’t necessarily have to start with a large company, but with something small and gradually grow.

The good news is that the very fact that there are so many international organizations and governments interested in this kind of project is that you will surely find it easier to find financing and technical support options for building your business.

Plus business idea lists:

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