Low Investment Industrial Machinery

“To achieve financial independence you have to convert a part of your income into capital.

Convert the capital into a company; turn the company into profit; turn profit into investment;

and convert investment into economic independence ”

Jim Rohn

We know that you seek to form a business with a guarantee of success and the current reality of the industry increasingly requires us to carry out processes that allow us to reduce costs and maximize our resources.

In Germany, the buying and selling of second-hand industrial machinery has given new entrepreneurs, both Germans and from emerging countries in Eastern Europe, a great opportunity to get tools that allow them to reduce costs, increase production and improve quality of their products for really low investment amounts.

However, it is important to bear in mind that second-hand machinery is not always in excellent condition, which is why there are firms such as Surplex GmbH, which is part of the largest European suppliers of second-hand industrial machinery for the sectors metal and wood, thus ensuring the quality of your machines.

In addition, it also monitors and controls all processes, from the location of the machinery or its disassembly, to everything related to customs and management of the necessary documentation.

The good news for you is that . has realized the great potential of emerging markets in Latin America and, through its online platform in Spanish, offers the opportunity to access the European market for second-hand industrial machinery by single click scope.

Thus under one roof, . unites the advances of the Internet with the industry that is constantly developing and offers excellent options, which will allow both SMEs and entrepreneurs, the materialization of their ideas and projects.

Another important point is for those entrepreneurs who want to modernize their machines, either because they want to increase production capacity, or for any other reason. Through Surplex they can also sell their machinery to other entrepreneurs who are just starting out and who can be of great help to them.

Surplex APP

If you are one of those who loves to use gadgets, Surplex also has an application which allows you to see in real time the auctions of industrial machinery, both from small and manual machines for a few dollars, to the largest, advanced and most advanced machines. sophisticated.

So here we leave for all those whose activity is related to the metal or wood industry the link to download the Surplex application from the App Store.

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