Mario Bros, icon of a millionaire business

Did you know that video games are a highly lucrative business whose income is comparable to that of the film industry?

Are names like Mario Bros, Wii or Xbox ?

Today we will talk about some interesting ideas to venture into the millionaire video game business.

The character of Mario Bros It was born in the early 80s, a time when video game consoles also began to become popular and soon became a true icon of a multibillion dollar industry that would revolutionize entertainment and fun.

Who hasn’t ever had that exciting feeling of sitting in front of the screen and flying into a magical world? Who doesn’t want to spend unlimited hours enjoying their favorite game?

Some research even suggests that moderate and supervised use of video games It can positively influence children’s academic performance by improving their problem-solving ability, spatial intelligence, and self-efficacy.

On the other hand, the games industry represents one of the segments with the highest investment in technological development by the big developer companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

In terms of income, only in Mexico is it estimated that the video game industry invoices about 800 million dollars a year, a figure that will increase at an approximate rate of 30% considering that the supply of software developers for video games is minimal.

This is certainly good news for entrepreneurs who wish to learn about this interesting and lucrative business as demand continues to increase and importing companies are looking for more and better distributors for their wide variety of products.

In the second part of this post I will expand on the options you can consider to enter this business. In the meantime, I would appreciate if you could share your perception of videogames in a comment.

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