Marketing ideas for artists

Artistic talent in any of its expressions is a very precious asset, and if in addition to enjoying it you want to turn it into your source of income, today I share some with you ideas and marketing tips for artists.

If your passion is music, painting, acting or any of the many and varied artistic branches, in this article I will show you how to exploit your talent to the fullest.

The first thing you should know is that whatever talent you have, whatever it may be, is a wonderful gift that not all human beings possess.

And since it has been given to you, as such it represents a wonderful opportunity for you to share it with others and, why not, get a good financial benefit if you wish. How to do it ? Here are some tips.

Marketing ideas for artists

  1. Perfect your talent. In order to exploit your artistic gift in the best way, it is convenient that you be the best and for this it is convenient that you are always learning and practicing. Even the best artists have the habit of continuous improvement. If you sing, perfect your voice. If you act, enroll in an acting academy. Whatever you do, do it with excellence and this will give you even more value commercially.
  2. Evaluate your artistic image. An artist has an image and that image transmits what he is, what he lives, what he feels and expresses it. Define your own image. Dress like the artist that you are and let people meet and ask what you do.
  3. Prepare a free demo show at home. A good way to start getting your art out there is by demonstrating at home. If your passion is painting, or making crafts, you could prepare a series of samples and put together a simple and attractive demonstration at home. You invite your friends, family, co-workers. Free of charge and you invite them to purchase any of your works if they like.
  4. Prepare a show together with artists with similar talents. A variant of the idea in point 3 is to prepare a show in a public place such as the communal hall in your neighborhood or at your children’s school. And for this you can associate and put together the show with other friends and acquaintances with talents similar to yours. A painting exhibition, a singing show, a play, etc. If necessary, you could consider a symbolic contribution to cover your material costs. All with the intention of making yourself known.
  5. Choose a stage name. If you are a singer, or an actor or a guitarist, choose a stage name. Something creative, modern, pretty and eye-catching – easy to remember in the public mind.
  6. Prepare business cards. Make some business cards with your name and artistic image, which of course include your phone, email and any important information to contact you and locate you for shows. This is an economic resource that you cannot ignore if you really want to make yourself known and exploit your talent commercially.
  7. Prepare an information brochure. A little more elaborate than the previous point is a leaflet or brochure with information about your shows. Preferably your brochure should include photos of your works (the best you have!), Information about what your show includes, prices with the different variants that may apply to your offer, contact information and repertoire. Since its cost is higher, use this document exclusively to deliver it to potential clients who may hire your services.
  8. Get a web page with information. Another economic resource that you can get to make yourself known is a page on the internet. These today can be made very cheap and everywhere you find someone to do it for you. Include all the information you want and if your shows have a variety, you can classify it so that your potential customers can decide if what you offer interests them. A beautiful and attractive design is essential and do not forget the contact information to locate you.
  9. Make free samples. For example, if your talent is singing, guitar, piano, handicrafts, wood sculptures, making portraits or similar. You can make free samples that you can give to potential contractors. A CD with a sample of a melody of your own. A small wood sample of your work. Some small paintings to give away are just a few tools that can be helpful in attracting customers.
  10. Promote your services directly. Once you have all of the above tools, prepare a plan to promote your artistic services. This plan should include visiting different places where you could be hired, talking to administrators or managers and directly offering them the possibility of hiring you. This is usually one of the most difficult steps for most artists, but it has a practical solution which is to get a representative to take care of the hiring.

Why an artistic representative?

The idea of ​​hiring someone to act as a representative has certain advantages in the context of artist marketing. The most important is that your representative is in charge of getting you the presentations, sending quotes, collecting, verifying the details related to your presentations, solving problems, etc. While you focus exclusively on the artistic.

The main “disadvantage” that could be suggested is that you have to pay either share your winnings with this person, which is not bad as long as the results are favorable.

And to finish, I share a list of places where you can promote your services:

  • Colleges, institutes and universities
  • Malls
  • Cultural centers
  • Parties and celebrations (weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.)
  • Regional celebrations
  • Sports events
  • Etc.

Also, if you want to speed up your project even more and learn to sell your work, I want to recommend you this excellent ebook on Marketing for Artistic Projects. So now you know, you put the talent and people put the enthusiasm … and you win!

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