Marketing on Facebook: Tips to Promote Your Business (Part II)

Facebook currently exceeds 1.4 billion users and it is estimated that they average about 25 minutes a day on the network.
Imagine reaching only 0.1% of those users whose profile matches your country and language.

We would be talking about at least 140 thousand potential clients for promote your business that, if they get the correct information, could represent a very valuable market for your services or products.

Considering this, do you think it is worth learning everything you need about Marketing and Facebook? Well if you want to know how to promote your business Using this great social tool, today I share how to do it.

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Create a FANS Page for your Business (Fanpage)

The first and perhaps the most important step is to create a specific fan page for your business or company, which will allow you to do certain promotional activities more effectively than doing it directly from your profile, so that whoever is interested can inquire more and communicate directly.

A Fanpage among other things allows you to access a complete system of statistics that will allow you to monitor your marketing strategy in order to improve what is working and also what is not.

How to Marketing on Facebook

Once your fan page is created, then the following actions will help you expand the popularity of your brand, product or service:

  • Invite your friends to become fans of your page. For this you can use the function “suggest this page to your friends”. This works very well and since it is a direct invitation it is very likely that a good number of your friends will become fans immediately. From this moment on, they are linked to the content you publish and each time they click on “I like“Then they will be helping you to expand your possibilities of reaching more potential clients, which in this case are your friends’ friends.

    This strategy is called: Marketing Viral. What happens next is that those friends of your friends will eventually also be able to click on the “like” button and therefore show their preference of that page to their network of friends.

  • Update your page wall regularly with useful information. What you post on your page should be valuable information for your customers as well as offers and news, not just advertising. This is very important because people really resent direct mail on social media. The big secret to being successful is learning to sell without selling.
  • Create trusting relationships. You achieve this by talking and responding to the concerns of those who write to your wall. A good reply policy works very well.
  • Occasionally conduct opinion polls with your fans so you can create interactivity and at the same time have feedback about your company or product.
  • Promote consumption. Once your fan base is growing, then it is time to offer them a special offer that promotes consumption. Or a prize for suggesting the page to your friends. You can do this in a ratio of 80-20%. That is, 80% content and 20% promotions and sales actions.
  • Include the FB logo in your print advertising so that your customers can know that you are already on social media and look for you or recommend your business. You should also include social buttons in all your other virtual resources such as your blog, your institutional website and other resources.

Invest in Paid Advertising

The next important step in your strategy marketing and Facebook is investing in paid advertising. This is especially useful if you want to speed up your results as a natural positioning strategy is usually cheaper, but also slower.

Facebook offers an excellent marketing system that allows you to create a detailed profile of the client you are looking for.

For example, if your product to promote was women’s sportswear, then when creating the ad for this product, you can focus it so that they see it specifically: “people of both sexes (potential buyers), single and married, in a range ages 14 to 35, who speak Spanish and reside in Mexico City “(for example).

Additionally, the program works by a pay-per-click system. In other words, having chosen this segment of users to see your advertising, you will only pay for those who click on the ad and who are really interested in knowing more. Imagine the potential of this mechanism! You can reach exactly who you want to reach and thus maximize your advertising investment.

How Much Does This Advertising Cost?

As simple as: invest what you want to invest. Facebook allows you to make investments in advertising from $ 10.

If, for example, you decide to invest $ 50 dollars and choose a maximum cost per click of $ 0.50 cents, then you have space for about 100-125 clicks that will go directly to your Fan Page or to your company website or to your blog.

What you should NEVER do

Unfortunately, the least recommended to promote yourself on social networks is what many usually end up doing and then wonder: why doesn’t it work?

Avoid promote your business using your personal profile. If you do it very often, your own friends will perceive this as spam and you even run the risk that some of them hide your publications.

In addition, according to the rules of use of Facebook this can be considered inappropriate behavior by administrators and you run the risk of suspending your account. And getting it back, trust me, it can be quite complicated.

Other Options to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Finally, it is important to clarify that social networks are one more tool to attract customers who otherwise would not know about your business.

It is also convenient that you inquire a little about other more sophisticated related tools such as the creation of specific applications or the use of the Marketplace, which is a specific area of ​​Facebook to buy and sell products.

Here are some places you can start right now:

Other ideas to undertake:

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