Micro Entrepreneurs Market Fair

I recently had the great pleasure of attending as a lecturer at the First Fair of Micro Entrepreneurs Pulperos in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras organized by the magazine Micro Empresas & Finanzas.

This initiative aims to reach an important sector of entrepreneurs that for different reasons are often neglected and that represents a huge engine of the economy of a country, such as grocers.

For those less familiar with the term, a grocery store is a small business that it has the capacity to supply services and basic products to the neighborhood or geographic area where it is located and that many families build with effort as an alternative to get ahead.

Hence, initiatives like these are extremely interesting and as the director of the prestigious magazine Lucy Lagos told us: “it is a way of contributing to the strengthening of this segment of entrepreneurs who rarely have access to quality training that helps them improve their finances and the management of their businesses“.

During the micro entrepreneurs fair which had a supplier booth area, varied information on consumer products and even new service proposals were provided, such as the electronic wallet presented by Tigo and Loto’s gaming systems, among many others.

The banking sector was also present to provide credit options for those who require it, which is very positive for leverage the initiatives of micro entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, one of those events where we are very satisfied with being able to bring the enthusiasm and vision of an entrepreneur to people who dream and work for a better future.

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In a good hour for the Honduran brothers.

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