Online Commerce: Shopping 2.0

Integrating into the world of the Internet is no longer a novelty. However for many Small and medium businesses there are several challenges that remain to be resolved.

The idea of ​​opening an online store is a very good option if what you want is to expand the market and eliminate territorial barriers, however in many cases there is no defined strategy or the necessary investment to do so.

So for those who do not have the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to set up their own store, there is good news and that is that now it is possible thanks to what we know as “shopping 2.0” or collective buying.

What is Shopping 2.0?

It basically consists of a single platform in which the user can search for offers and discounts of all kinds and at the same time it is a perfect space for small business advertising. Users are those who promote one or other purchases with their preferences and invite their acquaintances through a recommendation.

A great advantage for your business is that these pages bring the user closer to the most specialized offers within their city, show the products of the companies in detail and in return they take a percentage of the purchases that customers make.

If you are looking to make a online promotion And you don’t know how, here are some tips you can follow:

  • If you do a promotion within the collective purchase portals, the ideal is that you offer products that you have in stock, that way you can move it quickly without the need to make large investments.
  • Define a market strategy and price. Remember that these companies place your offer online and promote it for several days until a certain number of customers is collected. That is why you should always think about the economic benefit it will bring you.
  • Do not forget to clarify the conditions of the promotion. Keep in mind that the most important thing is customer satisfaction, so you should avoid misunderstandings and point out what the benefits of your offer are.
  • Get advice from the experts. This type of portals always has a sales team. However, you must be careful that what they offer you is exactly what you are looking for and that it will bring a profit to the company.

Most Known Collective Purchasing Portals

Among the best known collective shopping portals in Mexico are clikOnero or Pez Urbano among others and you can also find portals that add coupons and offers from the rest of the portals such as and another of the best known that is Groupon.

So it’s as simple as clicking, start exploring this new way of doing e-commerce, and opening your business to new customers.

  • , title : 'AMA: Metafields, Online Store 2.0, & more | #398, Unofficial Shopify Podcast
    AMA: Metafields, Online Store 2.0, & more | #398, Unofficial Shopify Podcast

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