Opportunities In The Tourism Industry

Opportunities In The Tourism Industry

Tourism represents undoubtedly one of the most important business segments worldwide.

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Not only because it is a great source of social development but also because economically, the tourism industry offers enormous and attractive opportunities to earn money.

It is estimated that for the next 10 years, the flow of tourists in the world will exceed 1,500 million travelers who will generate revenues of more than 8 billion dollars.

The good news is that studies show that the modern tourist every day he is less satisfied with simply “traveling from one place to another.”

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Their expectations have created new demands for services, which is why, today more than ever, tourism requires even more development in most regions, providing an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to complement business ideas based on such an important industry, today we give you some proposals.

Opportunities to Get into Tourism


In all regions where there is high tourism activity there is a similar demand for places to eat that have a variety of dishes to offer.

Food in general is a business that can leave very good profit margins, especially if the menus are of good quality and include some type of exotic or regional variety.

Travel agencies and tour operators

Planning and organizing trips and excursions is an excellent source of income.

Nothing better for a tourist than to find a travel agency that offers a good package that includes visiting different attractive places as well as good restaurants, discos and local entertainment. And what better than to get it for an excellent price.


Although it is a segment that requires a regularly high investment, if the location is strategic and a good service infrastructure is developed, a hotel can represent an excellent source of income and employment generation.

The good news is that you can choose from many lodging service options, from modest “backpackers” to 5-star luxury resorts.

Taxis and car rental

An important complementary service is the rental of private vehicles or taxis for visitors who like to use this service to move comfortably from one place to another.

You can also include a line of minibuses for short excursions to nearby places, making it one more service in association with nearby hotels.

Places of fun and entertainment

Ecological parks, golf courses, spas, gyms, convention centers, museums and sports centers, among others. Having up-to-date maps and calendars of local entertainment activities will be a good asset in attracting customers.

And better, if you have a page on the internet or on Facebook with this information.

Translations and language teaching

Many tourists like to stay for regular periods of time in certain places, so it is of interest to them to learn at least the elementary expressions of the local language.

A language and translation academy can be an interesting service to offer.


Everywhere, tourists need to communicate and the best medium available today is the Internet.

A virtual service center or call center for low-cost international mailing, printing, and phone calls is a great alternative.

Tourist assistance and orientation centers

These may include medical assistance, paperwork, reservations, insurance management, etc.

Handicraft shop

Definitely this kind of stores are a total success, especially if they are stocked with a variety of genuine artisan products.

Part of the role of this business consists of acquiring handicrafts from a local manufacturer and offering them at strategic points near the hotels and the points with the highest flow of tourists. A typical decoration complements the appeal of the store.

In conclusion

Among all these options you will surely find one that suits your investment possibilities and experience. However, remember that in whatever area you focus on, you should always be clear that the key to success in this industry (as in all of them) is the quality of customer service.

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