Organization of Parties and Events

If you are a thoughtful, creative and highly organized person, then the businesses related to the organization of parties and events are surely for you.

In addition to the fact that they can represent high profit margins, they have other important advantages such as the fact that you can start from your home already part time. The investment will depend largely on the level or size of the events you want to attend, therefore, you can start small and grow gradually.

Here is a guide so that you can choose between the different services you can offer and the requirements to be able to attend them.

The objective of your company is to provide solutions in event organization of different classes that as you will see represent a wide range of options so you will have to make your own cservices catalog according to your investment possibilities and budget it in such a way that you can fully comply with what you offer.

Parties and Social Events

  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Wedding
  • Graduations
  • Child parties
  • Baptisms
  • Seasonal parties
  • Celebrations in general

Corporate events

  • Commercial Presentations
  • Business Meetings
  • Celebrations
  • Charity events
  • Sports events
  • General Events
  • Training

Within your range of services, you can handle different variants:

Furniture rental. Basically it consists of the rental or rental of the furniture necessary for the organization of the event, which may include: chairs, tables, linens, glassware, cutlery, etc., as well as electronic equipment such as a computer, gunboat, prompter, screens, blackboards.

Organization services. Personalized advice that consists of accompanying the event organizers throughout the entire process that includes selection of: invitations, buffet menu, event room, guest lists, music, photo service, decorations and post-event cleaning services .

Event coordination services. It goes hand in hand with the advisory service, however it is convenient to budget it separately as an option for your client. It basically consists of coordinating all the details on the day of the event in such a way that your clients can ignore them and focus without stress on the aspects purely related to their party or event.

The mechanics of achieving a excellent business each time it is to arrange a meeting with your client in which you can present your entire range of services and of course achieve the greatest possible coverage.

Marketing and Sales
I have always mentioned that the most important thing in any business is to find clients. Otherwise all effort in planning and production would make little sense. Therefore, to find clients for your rental company and event organization, these are some suggestions:

  1. Print business cards and distribute them with your friends, acquaintances, family. Remember that everyone will always have an important event to organize.
  2. Print some flyers or trifoliars with more information and distribute them to companies, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  3. Create a web page to provide complete information about your service catalog and include its address in your printed advertising material. You can also use other ways to promote your business on the Internet.
  4. Advertise your services through classifieds in publications such as local magazines and newspapers. They don’t have to be very large ads and they can be very responsive. You can also use other low-cost tactics to promote your business.

Strategic Aspects
As in any business, it is advisable to develop a specific plan according to the size of the company you want to form (see how to develop a business plan). You should include an investment budget and a budget for monthly fixed expenses. In addition, you should consider the following in your work logistics:

  • Define how much furniture you have in order to determine what kinds of events you can cover.
  • Establish how you will get auxiliary personnel to attend medium and large events.
  • Constantly train you on etiquette and event organization issues.

Establish Alliances
Another key and determining aspect for the success of your business is knowing that you do not necessarily have to have everything as this would represent a huge budget. But if you have the correct alliances then you can attend larger events and offer different options in price. To do this, you should consider the following strategic alliances with other providers:

  • Chefs and Buffet providers
  • Providers of rooms for events (hotels, houses, etc.)
  • Music providers (DJs, Mobile nightclubs, etc.)
  • Furniture suppliers
  • Specialized decoration service providers
  • Plant Rentals
  • Providers of small shows (magicians, clowns, singers, etc.)
  • AV equipment suppliers
  • Installation equipment providers (pallets, scaffolding, etc.)
  • Specialty lighting providers
  • Liquor suppliers
  • Furniture transport providers
  • Others

The reason why people will hire your services is due to lack of time or knowledge to organize a party or event, which is why it is essential to offer services with a high degree of commitment and professionalism, as well as great taste and creativity. in the details.

So remember, the first step in planning a business is to take a pencil and paper and start writing down all your ideas and gradually delve into the diversity of details involved to finally determine the initial investment. Remember, you can start by attending small events and gradually grow according to your experience and infrastructure.

Other ideas and business plans:

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