Other Business Ideas No One Has Tried

A few days ago I posted a post about business ideas that no one has tried yet! and in response I received another series of great ideas proposed by our readers that I am happy to share today.

I am sure that from all these apparently crazy proposals that sometimes come up, it can come out a great business concept. Remember also that the secret is in the execution of the idea.

Going back in time, I imagine someone who told someone about his idea of ​​making an object as large and heavy as an airplane fly, that if it would have been classified as crazy.“- Pamela alfonzo

Other business ideas that no one has tried

  • Night Nurseries, for parents who still want to enjoy a dinner, a dance and a night of love. And “others” take care of their children. (I have almost the entire business plan for this idea).
  • Bracelets sound an alarm when your children stray too far from their parents.
  • BGo Radial Digital, make available to users of the subway subway train, digital radio bands that will be listened to through mobile apps. The bands will be offered for rent for radio stations. This idea arises from the need to listen to radio broadcasts inside the subway tunnels, which is currently impossible.
  • Mobile apps It detects when the person carrying it is walking, when that happens the volume of the ringer will be increased so that it can be heard by the person who carries it since the cell phone generally does not sit in the pockets when it is in vibration mode.
  • Parental control mobile apps, that the children freely use the cell phone but only the applications that the parents want.
  • Mobile apps remote on and off control (another cell phone), to dose the use of cell phones in children.
  • Inseparable friend. Years ago it occurred to me to offer senior students “the inseparable friend” an online consulting portal via MSN where they subscribe so that they always have a tutor with years of experience accompanying them to clarify and advise on their first job ventures see:. There should be a portal that pays people like me for ideas, one appears every day, what do you think?
  • Ideas blog. One idea that occurs to me is to create a blog for people like me, great ideas but only that for others to do.

All these interesting ideas are proposed by Gustavo Puelma that you can contact here: gustavo@puelma.cl

Business idea proposed by Gonzalo Silva
Generate a group of people dedicated to realizing the ideas of the general public, who have access to patenting of ideas, application of standards, quality and a laboratory of various specialties, all made up of ingenious and non-profit people, although there is something millionaire better to improve processes. And thus to be able to improve people’s quality of life, I think the average number of inventions is one per day.

Business idea proposed by Rosa Myriam Serrano
For me, one idea is and hopefully it is followed: At the moment we have problems with the weather and solar rays … We must create a gaseous cloud outside our planet and that can be controlled, with the intention of reducing solar rays .

And you, do you have any other great ideas that you would like to share? Send them and they will be part of 1000 Business ideas.

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