Paintball club business plan

  1. Brief Investment Memorandum
    Paintball is a popular team game. This is due, firstly, to the fact that this game is highly mobile. Secondly, this is an opportunity to become a military soldier for a while and fulfill oneself. Thirdly, it is high excitement.

As a result, this service is in high demand in recent years. Therefore, with a competent approach, this project can become a profitable investment, in which the payback period will be 9 months, and the break-even point will fall on the 4th month of the project.

To open a business, it is necessary to rent a land plot, the minimum area of must be at least 5,000 m2. Location options are many. These include parks, the outskirts of the city. The main factor is the large area. Also, to open, you will need to hire 7 people.

On average, the club will serve 50 games per month. The cost of the game will vary depending on the number of people. On average, the cost of 3 hours of play per company will be $200. Thus, the financial indicators of the project will be as follows:

  1. Description of the business, product or service
    Paintball has always been a popular entertainment among the inhabitants of our country. Despite high competition, the demand for this service is growing, which opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The main service of the paintball club is the organization of matches and competitions among teams. During the game, a referee is involved who monitors compliance with the rules.

Also, guests can be offered additional services that will ensure a comfortable pastime.
To organize a paintball club, you first need to rent a land plot. The area of the land plot to the greatest extent depends on the landscape and the number of game cards intended for construction. The minimum area of the land plot must be 5,000 m2.

You can search for a plot of land both within the city limits and outside the city. When buying or renting, it is imperative to clarify who owns the site. If the site is in municipal ownership, then the land must be rented at auction or during an auction.

As soon as a lease agreement is signed for the land plot, it is possible to start building structures on the territory and purchasing equipment. The main buildings include:

protective mesh around the perimeter of the entire site
construction of 2 gazebos
facilities at the landfills
Structures must be assembled from wood. This will help to significantly reduce opening costs, as well as increase security.

Also, to open a paintball club, you will need the following equipment:

adult markers (30 pcs.)
children’s markers (30 pcs.)
balloons for markers (60 pcs.)
feeders (60 pcs.)
equipment (masks, camouflage, protective ammunition)
musical equipment
protective mesh
cash register
As a result, the paintball club will be designed for 30 people at the same time. This equipment will fully ensure the safety of players, as well as create maximum comfortable conditions for their stay. Barbecues and skewers will also be available for rent for guests. As the business develops, a small cafe can be opened next to the club to increase profitability.

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    How to Start a Paintball Field Business | Free Paintball Field Business Plan Template Included

At the same time, the business owner needs to familiarize himself with the regulations and laws governing relations with consumers, safety standards.

  1. Description of the market
    The success of this business is determined by the frequency and number of customers. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to carefully define the target audience.

The main target audience of the paintball club are individuals. These are large groups of people from 10 to 30 people. This is mainly a man, but women can also be present in the game. Age audience from 15 to 45 years. This audience shows the highest interest, as they like to actively spend time outdoors with friends.

Also another large group are corporate clients. It can be different companies or individual entrepreneurs. These are also young teams who want to hold a corporate party in nature, and not in a restaurant.

For these target groups, be sure to think over a loyalty system that will make customers come back again and again. Such systems may include accumulative cards, discount cards, discounts from a certain number of people.

The introduction of such programs, as well as a competent advertising campaign, will increase the profitability of the business and quickly recoup the investment.

  1. Sales and Marketing
    A competent marketing and advertising campaign is necessary for a quick payback of a business. To create an advertising campaign, you can involve both a private Internet marketer and an advertising agency.

Today’s youth spends most of their time on social networks and the Internet. Therefore, the largest part of the budget should be directed specifically to these channels. The main channels include:

own website
targeted advertising in social networks, as well as groups
banner ads on various forums
contextual advertising in Google Adwords
Offline channels include:

carrying out actions
advertising in regional newspapers and mass media
paintball competitions
These channels cover the largest share of potential customers and allow the most efficient use of the advertising budget.

It is worth noting that as the advertising campaign is implemented, it is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of each channel. This will allow you to more accurately determine the main source of the target audience and acquire regular customers faster.

  1. Production plan
    To open a paintball club, you need the following:

Register a company
Choose a land plot
Build Infrastructure
Purchase equipment

recruit staff
Get Started

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