Pet Cemetery - High Sensitivity Business

Pet Cemetery – High Sensitivity Business

💬 Post updated March 2020

The affection and love that can be had for a pet is incomparable to the point of occupying a special place in the family.

For that reason, when the time comes when they must leave, either due to natural death or because it is medically recommended, an appropriate service is needed to be treated with dignity and special care.

This is how a business idea arises that in addition to being very noble at the same time is very profitable since the demand for this service is increasing: pet cemetery.

You’d be surprised how many dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, goldfish, reptiles, and even the occasional cremated human remains that chose to lounge alongside their beloved pets in a recite like these.

#IdeadeNegocio: Cemetery service and pet cremation

While this service may be considered a luxury by some, there are many owners who love their pet so much that they see it as an essential service and for which they would gladly pay.

The idea includes a series of special attentions in order to give your pets a loving and dignified farewell in a place with an adequate funeral service where they can occasionally visit you.

Additionally, crematoriums for animals in general are a more economical and valuable solution for community health, since incinerating the remains of animals in a controlled manner contributes to minimizing the risk of disease transmission and environmental contamination.

Considerations for Setting Up Your Pet Cemetery

Licenses and Permits

You must prepare the registration documentation for your business and approach the health and environment department of your city to request the requirements to be able to legalize your company.


You will need to acquire a small piece of land to start the service in an area relatively far from the colonias in order to adapt it for the provision of services such as a cemetery and pet crematorium.

You must acquire it with the aim of being able to expand in the future as your company grows.

In practice, you will discover that the range of services must consider burial and cremation as separate options with different costs.

While cremation can be much more accessible due to space issues, burial of a pet can represent higher costs depending on the size of the animal including the corresponding maintenance that this represents.

Acquire a Crematory Oven

This service is convenient and for this you must invest in a specialized industrial oven for this purpose, which can be obtained in the market.

Formalization and Prices

You must prepare your catalog of funeral services for pets that includes all the procedures that the owner must carry out to provide a complete service for their pet according to their economic possibilities.

Establishes the price of packages for services with different characteristics for different requirements and forms of payment. Some of the most common:

  • Transfers
  • Body preparation
  • Burial
  • Funeral service
  • Box (different sizes and styles)
  • Stone
  • Cremation (optional)
  • Maintenance (permanent)

Promotion of Your Business

Carry out promotional work and strategic alliances with the veterinarians in the sector so that they can support you by publicizing your services and even offer them a commission for helping you get interested clients.

Participate in activities organized by animal care entities where you can publicize your business and make the owners aware of the importance of hiring a service of this kind.

Finally, remember that the key to the success of this type of business lies in sensitivity and good service that will result in a higher recommendation to attract other clients.

A renowned pet cemetery owner masterfully describes it this way:

You may think that your job is to sell a plot, open a grave, bury a pet and put dirt back in the ground, “he said. But the business goal is that you want people to leave here after you’ve buried your pet feel a little better than when they arrived – Ed Martin Jr. “

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