Private Security Agency, a Growing Business

Security in many countries has become a very expensive luxury in many ways due to the lack of capacity and resources of central governments to meet the protection needs that their inhabitants require against common crime that is also increasing day by day.

Hence, security has become a constantly growing business Despite having many specialty areas, it can be exploited very well, especially at the residential level or for small and medium-sized enterprises, also creating important sources of work that contribute to the improvement of local economies.

Purpose of a Security Agency
A security agency is a company whose main purpose is to provide private protection services to businesses and individuals or legal entities in order to protect their physical integrity and assets.

As a first step you must take into account that the initial investment for a small security company It ranges around $ 20,000 US dollars and that varies depending on the number of agents you want to put into service.


The Security companies As I mentioned at the beginning, they can be approached from many edges and levels of specialty. However, for the present purposes business plan we will focus on the following:

  • Private Protection: protection of shops and residences
  • Executive Protection: bodyguard service, protection of people, usually top executives or high-level businessmen or politicians
  • Transport of valuables: transfer and protection of values ​​from one point to another of up to a certain economic value

Market study

According to existing studies, the demand for security and protection services is high in all regions of the world, but especially in the most populated cities or in central and commercial areas where the highest number of inhabitants triggers crime rates.
However, it will also be necessary to consider that the offer is also growing at the same rate, so it is always convenient to look for existing market niches to exploit.

For this, it is convenient to carry out a study through visits to businesses in the area such as restaurants, clothing stores, nightclubs, warehouses, etc., in order to carry out a survey that reveals the level of offer and satisfaction of the security service that exists currently in the sector.

Required staff
Depending on the scope and available capital capacity, a roster of collaborators should be considered that at least includes:

  • Secretary / Receptionist (s)
  • Recruitment manager
  • Counter
  • Supervisor (s)
  • Security guards
  • General manager

Equipment Needed

  • Radio communications equipment
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Armament
  • Uniforms

Business Weaknesses

While the business can be very profitable, there are also some common weaknesses to consider to avoid becoming threat areas:

  • High staff turnover
  • Excess of controls by government authorities
  • Limitations regarding the use of weapons usually of a lower caliber than that used by criminals
  • Difficulty in controlling payments by customers
  • Lack of specialized personnel or human resources
  • High competition

Requirements to Register a Security Agency

  • Authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and / or National Police through a Government Agreement
  • Registration in the Commercial Registry
  • Authorization of the Department of Arms and Ammunition Control
  • Other records such as finance and social security
  • Comply with the proper registration and identification of agents
  • Vehicle Registration

Strategic Aspects

  • Constant training for security agents
  • Sale of services through visits to potential clients: businesses and residential areas of the coverage area
  • Innovation through the implementation of new protection services that are not offered by other security agencies in the sector
  • Preparation of internal regulations that strictly regulate the activities and behavior of security agents

Pricing policy

The establishment of a price catalog for the available services will depend on the conditions and particular costs of each company, as well as the quality of the service, however, as a reference, these are some of the prices that are handled and that you should consider for your security agency (prices in US dollars):

  • Temporary Security Services us $ 12 for 4 hours per agent
  • Permanent Security Services us $ 350 per agent per month


As in any business, depending on the catalog of services that you intend to offer, you will have to prepare your own initial investment budget as well as that of monthly expenses.
As a reference, these are some of the average costs of equipment and personnel that you should consider and adapt to your own conditions (unit prices in US dollars):

  • Average salary paid to an agent US $ 180 (or minimum wage)
  • Shotguns us $ 280 – $ 350
  • Revolver us $ 280
  • Ammunition box (50 units) us $ 50
  • Motorcycles us $ 2000
  • Computers us $ 500
  • Office equipment us $ 1500
  • Uniforms us $ 50
  • Batones, Gorgoritos and others us $ 15

Last but not least, it is crucial that before starting a project of this kind you investigate well about the particular requirements established by the government of your city for the establishment of a security company in order to operate in law and without any problem. For this, it will be convenient to have the legal advice of a good lawyer who will guide you regarding all the important aspects for the legalization of your security agency.
Plus business plans:

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    Security Agency / Private Security Guards Business Complete Information