Promotion of Professional Services: 9 Tips

Promotion of Professional Services: 9 Tips

If you are a doctor, lawyer, engineer, consultant or professional in other branches, you will surely feel how times are changing and with them clients, society and competition.

And all those changes coupled with the excessive supply of professionals are reason enough for you to consider the need to innovate your strategies promotion of services to keep you in a highly competitive market.

“It is estimated that in the USA there are currently more than 2 million lawyers in professional practice.”

Until recently it was enough for a professional to have his office and a few business cards to attract customers. The advertising and marketing they weren’t an option. However, today other rules determine survival.

Therefore, today I share at least 9 tips for promoting professional services that will surely be of great use to you:

  1. Maintain a customer service mindset. One of the problems professionals face is the loss of trust by their clients due to the poor quality of services offered by their colleagues. Weakness that can be very well exploited in your favor by serving people with greater care and with a customer service mentality that guarantees total satisfaction for your services.
  2. Keep in mind that people are people. There is nothing that alienates customers more than perceiving a mechanical and impersonal treatment. The theory says that the professional should not involve their emotions but the practice says that people feel more confident with the professional showing sensitivity. The doctor to the patient, the lawyer to the heir, or the dentist to pain make a big difference.
  3. Guarantee your work. One of the main limitations of professionals is precisely the fact that their services are intangible and therefore their clients cannot measure or evaluate them in their entirety. For this reason, it is extremely important from the beginning of a service relationship, to provide the client with guarantees that help them to maintain confidence in the result of the work they will receive from you and to perceive that they have paid just enough. For example, your doctor may offer an additional consultation (at no cost) to verify the effectiveness of your treatment. The auditor could guarantee fiscal peace of mind to his clients through certifications at no cost as an added value. And how about a call from your lawyer to constantly inform you about the progress of your efforts.
  4. Learn sales techniques. Professionals have usually focused all their resources on providing their technical services. Nevertheless learn to sell It is a skill that few have developed and that today is essential. If a patient will have to perform a high-cost surgical operation with you or with the doctor in front of you, know how to sell, it will make a major difference in the decision. Using the right words, passing on the benefits, and getting the customer to accept your proposal has more to do with sales than medicine. Tip: sign up for seminars or a good sales course as soon as possible. You don’t have to be an expert salesperson, just learn certain sales techniques like these.
  5. Work in team. It is said that “unity is strength” and in these times of globalization, this is a real fact that can represent great benefits. You should consider the possibility of strategically partner with other professionals which will give you the following benefits: a) Offer a greater range of (shared) services, b) take advantage of the experience of other professionals with a greater career, c) take advantage of the workforce of other novice professionals, d) share office costs , secretary, telephone, electricity, Internet, equipment, transportation, etc., e) share advertising costs, f) expand your customer database, g) share training costs
  6. Create your own page on the Internet. Talking about modernization without thinking about the Internet is impossible. Any professional who wants to stay at the forefront must have a website, register their services in different professional subject directories, both printed and virtual, have a presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and make use of online promotion tools like Adwords. You can create a web page right now click here.
  7. Create a referral client program. If you have one satisfied customer base of whom you have gained confidence, then it is time to implement a referral client program that allows you to take advantage of their satisfaction so that they are your best promoters. This word of mouth advertising is very effective and inexpensive since it basically consists of offering your client a special discount (or some other benefit) for each new client they refer you. You can print some special cards to identify your referred customer.
  8. Make yourself a slogan. A slogan (or slogan) is a simple marketing tool that complements your publicitary estrategy to convey in a short but powerful way the arguments to sell your services. You can click here to know how to make a slogan that sells.
  9. More than services, it sells packages. Another strategy that works is selling complete packages rather than just offering individual services. This, in addition to broadening the client’s perspective in terms of solving their problems, allows your income to be guaranteed in the long term. For example, if you are a dentist, instead of just removing a pitted tooth, you can offer your client a complete package of treatments that also include cleaning and whitening. This package would be distributed in 12 appointments throughout a year and with the corresponding payment facilities for your client. This way you sell a full profit. A photographer, instead of an individual photo, can offer a set of family photographs of different sizes, with several copies and with some added value such as an enlargement or similar.

The real challenge in promotion of professional services is that through applying these tips, all those intangible services can be made as real and measurable as possible so that your client perceives a greater benefit for himself and this results in greater income for you.

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