Robert Kiyosaki will manage your business for 3 months

Far from being a joke, the title of this post suggests an important reflection for everything entrepreneur.

Supposing that Robert Kiyosaki (the famous millionaire and writer) could manage your business for 3 months, without investing a single penny of your fortune and only using your business skillsWhat changes do you think there would be?

Today we will talk about some important business skills what Every entrepreneur must develop to increase the commercial value of his company.

And is that run a business and make it profitable represents much more important challenges than just getting good capital. In fact, I’ve heard of many people who start out with good financial backing and still fail. ¿What is the secret to growing a business and leading it to success?

Yes Robert Kiyosaki, will manage your business for 3 months, these are some of the things you would surely do:

  • I would work with great passion. Surely you would get up at dawn each day with an attitude of gratitude towards life, knowing that this business represents not only an opportunity to improve financially, but with it you are building the future of your children and your family. You would come to your premises or office with a great attitude and with the sole objective of doing things big, knowing that this is a unique day full of opportunities.
  • He would hold a motivational meeting with his collaborators on Mondays. He would be clear about the importance of leading more than just managing. Surely you would dedicate at least a couple of hours on Mondays to gather your collaborators and transmit vision, motivation and recognize their efforts to grow the company. It would be clear to you that your employees are the most important asset of your business or organization.
  • I would implement a sales culture. Robert Kiyosaki I would undoubtedly organize a intensive sales seminar for all your collaborators. As successful businessman It would be very clear that in a business, everything sells and everyone sells. It would ensure that from the secretary to the delivery truck driver have the ability to offer the company’s products and services. It would transmit the basic information to everyone and provide them with essential material to be able to provide it to anyone, anywhere. In addition, I would devote special attention and twice as much time to your company’s sales force in such a way that they become the best sellers in the world.
  • I would evaluate the finances of the company and cut any unnecessary expenses. He would surely ensure that the money was used wisely to the last penny. It would eliminate all expenses that do not represent an investment, especially those considered ant expenses. You would make sure you have a monthly spending budget that ensures proper use of the money.
  • He would call his strategic contacts to make alliances. Robert would spend a few hours a week making calls to others business friends and I would invite some of them to breakfast with the intention of making exchanges of services that benefit both and that allow them to obtain additional customer markets as well as obtain advantages in prices and discounts with some of their suppliers.
  • I would go in search of the big deals. Once he had the office in order and the important decisions of the week made, Mr. Kiyosaki would spend enough time searching for the big shots. I would schedule appointments with important clients, I would invite them to have a coffee and surely my goal would be to close at least one important business a week. Robert would be very clear that not all his clients will say yes, however, he would not have time to lament or commiserate with himself for a bad deal.
  • You would manage your personal finances in moderation. Knowing that it is a small or medium company, Robert Kiyosaki would never spend more than he has earned. Surely you would live modestly so that your earnings allow you to reinvest and earn more until your business is stable and then you can enjoy your profits to the full. Furthermore, Robert would never use his credit card indiscriminately and would surely intelligently reinvest every dollar earned.
  • He would always maintain an attitude of gratitude towards life. Surely at the end of the day, he would be the last to leave the office, having taken a little time to thank God and life for the freedom of managing. your own business.

And after the office?

Knowing that an entrepreneur is a leader and that as such, it must be constantly developed and always updated, Robert Kiyosaki, would dedicate a few hours after office to train in:

And finally he would come home to enjoy and share with those he loves the most, always remembering that they are his main reason for the effort he makes every day.

And what other things do you think Robert could do for your company?
I wish you a successful week. Do you like this blog? Share it with your friends and help us grow.

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