Sage Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Sage Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

I recently requested on our Facebook page that our entrepreneur friends comment on the best business advice you could give to another entrepreneur (or that they ever received).

I must admit that the answers surprised me, not only because of their diversity but because most of them contain a deep wisdom from which we can learn a lot.

Wisdom that is the product of experience, of trying many times, of succeeding and failing. But above all, I consider that these tips reflect the hearts of brave and dreamy people (including myself) who do not give up on anything and who are very clear about the value of fighting for their Financial Freedom.

I allow myself with permission to publish the wise advices shared on that occasion that I am sure will be of great benefit to you and that, paying attention to them could also save us many headaches at the time of set up and run a business. Enjoy them!

“Taking risks is brave, negotiate It is of the brave, but the brave are above all wise! 🙂 ”
David ayala

“You always have to keep your eye on shooting at the sky, to at least fall on the roof”
IsIdro Macias Jr.

“Do you know how to do something well? Is your dulce de leche delicious? Do you draw on T-shirts? Well … then continue doing it better and offer your products on facebook or twitter … you can be surprised …”
Robert Martin

“Create something inimitable ….”
Carlos Leon

“Do not spend what you do not have, that your goals have a real purpose for which to achieve them, invest, relax, have fun healthily”
Claudia Palacios Gomez

Think big, do not lose focus, learn, be passionate, be smart, make yourself successful and above all never never give up. “
Omar Ed Hedez

“Always think BIG and if you’re not passionate about what you do … leave it!”
Guicho Gonzalez

“Believe in your dreams, fight every day for them, surpass your competition, and most importantly, be humble and respectful to all. “
Edgar Vargas Strive

Patricia paez

“01-do what gives you pleasure what you like 02-imagine everything already assembled 03-do things that have to do with your project ….. a note this says the book the secret but oh coincidence what to say “Think big” I interpret that it is the same to say “imagine everything assembled” is that if everyone agrees that you have to feel it great and then make it come true, that is the key! “
Marcelo Javier Herrera

“Believing in yourself is the key to business. If something is wrong … rest assured that you will be able to create another idea to move forward and never give up or let someone say NO to your dreams. “
Juan Ignacio Cabrera Figueroa

“Focus on your passion and create your business around that. “
Faust You were

“Prepare, train, and take care of your finances”
Jordi Antonio Saez

“Don’t eat the capital”
Nelson chinchilla

“The master’s eye makes the horse fat …”
Marjorie Ramirez Asencio

Alfredo Troncoso

Ling Ling Yu

“Don’t talk about your deal until I have done it. “
Gustavo Fabian Gonzalez placeholder image

“Consistency in everything you do”
Yovany Enrique

“Rather I would ask ….. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”
Lucas Montenegro

Marisol Fabiola

Jon C Jiménez & Comprehensive Services

“Do not stop creating in your mind … so that it materializes in your reality … and never neglect the numbers and sales.”
Mauricio Gomez Magolo

“For no reason stop treat your customers well good treatment is the only base that will keep you alive in is the very difficult business world.”
Enrique Dimas Cristobal

“Realize your vision and put it on paper with dates, steps and tasks and never lose hope that is summarized in faith, trust, conviction and a solid thought that you are going to achieve your vision!”
Eddison Velasquez

“Analyze the situation and do not be inactive because the opportunity may be lost.”
Lucia Pacheco

“Are you mentally prepared to start earn money from 5th. year, if so, go ahead. “
Jordi Antonio Saez

“No one has the right to underestimate your dreams … make them come true”
Alejandra Lamar

“Always renew yourself, in all aspects, as in your business always renews ideas, image, sales techniques, etc. “
Gaby ortuño

“If I could only say one sentence, I would say: Follow your dreams and strive to achieve them!”
Cesar A. Corrales Rizo

“Doing what you are passionate about, being the best and putting it at the service of others for their delight ……. in any area.”
Lotty Lizarzaburu

“Do not waste a lot of time thinking, or waiting for the opportunity, start working, take effective actions, and have contact with people who will make you earn moneyNot with those who make you spend, watch your costs all the time, a failure could mean wasting a lot of time and money. “
Enrique Alfredo Vidaurre Huayllas

“… me personally every time I want to cstart a new business I remember Donald Trump says that our dreams must be BIG so that we do not lose sight of them along the way, and it is good to imagine ourselves at the TOP of the business, definitely all these comments I am going to print them to carry in my bag, it is a summary of the best books and they are well punctual …
Celina Gutierrez Velasquez

“The 10 commandments. Investment, perseverance, not looking at the # of falls but looking at the times you get up. Internalize the success in your heart and in your mind, become a thoroughbred, continue with faith and above all courage. You can. I’m going to you. Never, never forget that your family is part of the team. “
Blackberry Queen

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